Each year brings hundreds of new dog products to market, and 2012 was no exception. From foods to leashes to supplements and grooming tools, new companies launched single products and long-established manufacturers upgraded trusted brands.

Here’s a look at some of the new options you and your dogs gained in the last 12 months.

Oster’s been in the clipping business a long time and released its A6 “ultimate clipping machine” in the fall. The design yields “an ultra smooth, efficient cutting performance,” according to the company. Three speeds provide versatility, and it weighs 12.9 ounces, Oster’s lightest. It has a one-hand operational switch, vibration isolators, a high efficiency motor and zinc alloy technology. Info: $150-$210; www.oster.com

Remember when the only way to keep your dog from licking a wound or hot spot was with a big plastic cone? Today you have your choice of several options, including the ProCollar from Contech Enterprises. The inflatable inner bladder is made of a plastic vinyl, protected by a “durable canvas material to resist bites and scratches.” The outer cover is machine-washable and has three inner rings to slip your dog’s regular collar through. A Velcro strap gives a “perfect fit,” according to the company. Info: Five sizes, $16.97 to $31.97; www.contech-inc.com

Lixit, known for its animal-watering products, moves into a new area of dog needs with its agility starter equipment. “Lightweight” and “easy to assemble,” according to the company, choose from a standard jump, hoop jump, closed tunnel and a set of six weave poles. Each includes a carrying bag. If you’re getting into flyball, the company also has a ball release device so your dog can practice that skill in your own backyard. Info: $42-$80; available at Petco; www.lixit.com

If you’re concerned about treats made outside the U.S., Loving Pets offers a new option in its Grill-icious line of meat-based snacks. The beef, turkey and chicken used is raised right here, according to the company, with a “touch” of sweet potato added. They’re available in two sizes: regular and bite-size for smaller dogs or for use as training rewards. Info: Price varies by retailer;www.lovingpetproducts.com

When your dog has a wound not requiring veterinary care, you want to help it heal just the same. Humane Healing Dog Wound Ointment and Spray are “scientifically proven to increase the wound recovery rate for dogs,” according to the company, “by creating a balance where old tissue is removed and new tissue prospers naturally.” The non-steroidal, non-caustic and antibiotic-free products use a blend of pH-balanced organic ionic compounds, including potassium, calcium, rubidiumand zinc, to speed healing. A 2-ounce tube or bottle yields approximately 200 applications.Info: ointment or spray, $29.95; www.humanehealing.com

Use the Bionic Toss-N-Tug to let your dog run full-speed across the park or twist it around for a game of tug. It also floats, so you and your dogs can play at the beach or lake too. Bionic makes its products from a durable material designed just for dog toys. Although the Toss-N-Tug is not a chew toy, the company has other products that stand up to the most aggressive chewers. Info: 7-inch, $11.99; 9-inch, $14.99; www.bionicplay.com

A photograph doesn’t do this product justice. You have to see the YAP Hands-Free Jogging Leash in action to see its value. Follow the link below to the YAP website to watch a video that demonstrates its function and adjustability, and how to walk two dogs with the single leash. It’s available in red, black and pink with stainless steel hardware and reinforced leather.Info: $48; www.yapstores.com

Leanlix might be the first truly new treat concept to come out in recent years. The company calls it “convenient” and “innovative.” How else would you describe a training reward that your dog licks and is also low-calorie? Leanlix are available in the founder’s dog’s favorite flavors: Cupcake on the Counter, One and Only Strawberry, Run-a-way Frank, Dishwasher Diner, Day at the Beach and Bark B Q. A video on the website shows how to use the lickable treat for training. Info: 3-ounce stick, $12; www.leanlix.com

The Easy-Clean Water Bowl is for indoor – with an optional water line installation kit – or outdoor use, where it can sit on the ground for dogs or on piping for horses. It’s called “Easy-Clean” because it has “no corners, pockets or inaccessible areas.” The plastic bowl is imbedded with a “long lasting antimicrobial protectant against microbe and algae growth,” according to the company. The auto-fill valve that makes water continuously available to your dogs opens for thorough cleaning. Info: $33.95 (bowl only); www.easycleanwaterbowl.com

Many dogs down their food in just a couple of minutes or less, which, for some, contributes to digestion problems. The Green Interactive Feeder from The Company of Animals looks like something from another planet. But when you spread your dogs’ kibble around on it, they’ll eat a bit slower as they search and nibble. “By entertaining your dog with their own food allowance you can stimulate them mentally” too, the company says. Made of hard plastic, it can be used indoors or out, and popped in the dishwasher for cleaning. Info: $35 to $40; www.companyofanimals.us

Even if your dog’s never seen a duck or moose in its life, it will enjoy Real Tree Dog Toys. They’re made of double-layered, quilted, ballistic nylon, according to manufacturer Hyper Pet, with “double-stitched edge binding for durablility” and “meet or exceed child toy safety standards.” Because they float, you can use them anywhere and in any season. Also available in skunk and squirrel shapes. Info: Price varies by retailer;www.hyper-products.com

Spindrift American-Made Dog Gear has improved its Daisy Runner belt for joggers to make it “stronger, lighter, safer and easier to use!” The belt is more comfortable with the addition of soft neoprene and ¾-inch webbing. The new Daisy Runner has more reflective material and stronger quick-release buckles on both sides. You can buy just the belt or with a 4-foot bungee lead. It comes in medium and large and is available in red and black. Info: Belt only, $26; Belt and 4-foot Black Max Walker Bungee Lead, $40; www.spindrift.com


The Collapsible Kennel Bowl, made by Dexas International in the U.S., comes in two sizes to hold 8 ounces or 20 ounces, and in three color combinations. Once you twist-attach it to the crate, it easily folds down for use, then collapses and goes back up when not needed. Brown holder with green, pink or blue bowl. Dexas’ Popware For Pets line also includes travel cups, suction lids and elevated feeders. Info: 8-ounce, $12.99; 20-ounce, $14.99; www.dexas.com

Katie’s Bumpers is named for the product that got the company started, the bumpers field trailers use to train their dogs, now used in dock diving too. Now toys made from U.S.-made fire hose are part of the line, and the newest are the XYZ Fire Hose Dog Toys, designed to teach your dog to fetch a specific letter. The “Y” letter is for playing tug. Each letter is about 9 inches across, available in red, yellow, orange and blue. A similar “X” toy comes in pink. Info: “X” or “Z,” $18; “Y,” $20; www.katiesbumpers.com

Petrageous Designs describes its line of pet bowls, placemats, toys and accessories as “functional, whimsical and outrageous.” New stoneware designs for 2012 added to the variety. Zebra Buzz Red is what you might expect: black and white stripes with red rims and a decorative bone or fish. If you want to get all matchy-matchy, check out the placemat. Available in various sizes. Leopard Buzz sports the requisite brown and black spots, while Glitzy Swirls’ colors wouldn’t look out of place on many people’s tables: sierra red, moss green and expresso brown with metallic rims and swirls. Info: Prices vary by size and design; www.petrageous.com 

“Nothing tastes quite like homemade,” according to Safemade Pet Products, so the company designed treat trays, not unlike cupcake pans, for baking. The 5-inch-by-8-inch Treat Tray Paw Shape in hot pink or blue and the Treat Tray Bone Shape in green or purple are made of oven-safe – to 450 degrees Fahrenheit – and you can put them in the freezer too. Each tray comes with recipes, or find more on the company’s website. Info: $6.99; www.safemadepet.com