This week’s column has a twist, rather than sending our community content, we want to hear from you, the true experts in the field that are dedicated to the sport. We’d like to understand your thoughts on points, point counting and especially RBIS. Recently, Dog News announced that they would be adding points to dogs’ records for RBIS. Billy Wheeler of Dog Show Poop has been tracking RBIS since January 2014*. With a popular blog and a well-respected magazine now tracking RBIS points should the AKC now take the step towards making RBIS of more consequence as Billy Wheeler and Dog News suggest by their inclusion of RBIS points in their statistical tracking? To date, the AKC only allows the awarding of a beautiful Reserve Best In Show Ribbon.

With the Dog News announcement, a great deal of chatter has erupted in mainstream publications and social media discussing the pluses & minuses of RBIS points. So, we want to know…. what’s your take? what makes sense for the fancy? what makes sense for your breed? If you were to award RBIS points, what would your scheme be? should we keep it? do we want awards that say, in the words of Maxwell Smart of TV’s Get Smart “missed it by that much…(and he would hold his fingers really close together)”?

Canine Chronicle explored the value of the AKC awarding points for RBIS and examined different options for points awards, pointing out pluses & minuses. They explored the option from returning the Group 2 winning dog from the same group that won BIS and determining point schedules that would be fair. Using the true reserve structure is an interesting plan, making it, as they point out, a reserve award like what we see in the open classes. However, awarding Best In Show is full of drama and tension while everyone waits for the Judge’s announcement. This strategy would rob us of that moment of pure delight when the final decision is made. The Judge announces Best, then the Group 2 dog must be brought into the ring, then another Judging round while the new dog is judged against the dogs already there? Yikes, the ring procedure!

As a sidenote, while Canine Chronicle decided against the awarding of points by any publication if the AKC doesn’t sanction it, they do have a point schedule that’s also independent of any AKC approved methodology with their “Weekend Challenge” that tracks points for dogs shown only on Saturday and Sunday.

In Billy Wheeler’s Dog Show Poop weekly statistics update, we see the following dogs in the traditional point count:

1. GCh Claircreek Impression de Matisse
2. GCh Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect
3. GCh Marlex Classic Red Glare

4. GCh Dawin Hearts on Fire
5. Ch HiTimes What the Inferno
6. GCh Rainbow Splash’s Ruggedly Handsome
7. Ch Cragsmoor Good Time Charlie
8. GCh Shaireab Bayleigh Maide of Honor
9. GCh Whistlestop’s Riley on Fire
10. GCh Telltale American Ride

And in the RBIS point count, the placements look like this:

1. GCh Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect
2. GCh Claircreek Impression de Matisse

3. GCh Marlex Classic Red Glare

4. Ch Cragsmoor Good Time Charlie

5. GCh Dawin Hearts on Fire

6. GCh Shaireab Bayleigh Maide of Honor

7. Ch HiTimes What the Inferno

8. GCh Rainbow Splash’s Ruggedly Handsome

9. GCh Tashtin’s Lookin’ For Trouble

10. GCh Whistlestop’s Riley on Fire

What happened? There were some slight shifts: Dogs 1 & 2 swapped places with RBIS added in; the number three dog remained the same; the number seven dog moved up to number four; etc. and a new dog emerged into the rankings.

We checked in with Billy Wheeler to understand his take on tracking RBIS. As ever, the honest broker, Billy made it clear that he provides the standings as a service to the fancy in order to provide a real-world/real-time understanding of how well the dogs are doing and while they’re not official they are incredibly accurate:

While I was the first to offer the dog show going public a glimpse at the impact on the rankings, I do not include actual numbers, just the Top Ten Dogs. I don’t include numbers on either of my rankings as they include estimated numbers on the yet-as-unpublished shows. As I have always said my estimates have proven to be within 0.5 percent of actuals over the past six years.

One comment…I saw a Facebook comment that stated that the RBIS offerings were just an ploy to increase advertising. As you know, I don’t take advertising on dogs.

Let us know what would you do? Use as many words as needed by email to, or replies to this post, or on our social media,or by carrier pigeon, dog sled, whatever way you can. Full articles covering the topic are welcomed. We’ll be polling throughout the week and next week, with a summary of what you, our readers think and articles that are submitted for publishing.

*Dog Show Poop announcement

Dog News, Dog Show Poop, Canine Chronicle are separate entities and copyrighted names wholly owned by their respective publishers. Get Smart, Maxwell Smart are wholly owned registered copyrights of Talent Associates.