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Columbia Missouri KC

Date 03/13/2010
Show Location Columbia MO
Best In Show Judge P. Neale
Best In Show Hallmark Jolei Austin Powers
Reserve Best In Show

Sporting Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : S. Keating
Group 1 Prosperity's Dirty Little Secret
Group 2 Drakkar's RLB Celtic Private Eye
Group 3 Statesman's Winners Circle
Group 4 Amico Pelosos Here Comes The Sun

Hound Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : L. Guerrero
Group 1 Aurora's Walk This Way
Group 2 Skyline's Dream Big
Group 3 Prairie Skys Don't Blink
Group 4 Heathers A Little Night Music

Working Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : P. Hastings
Group 1 Summit's Lord Greystoke V Loriendell
Group 2 Cuvees Bridget Bourdeax
Group 3 Bruno Della Vecchia Roma
Group 4 A'Mode's Sand & Dunes of Sahara

Terrier Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : A. Ferruggiaro
Group 1 Plum Creek Di's Amazing Grace
Group 2 Krisma's Licensed To Thrill
Group 3 Nileefox Dirty Idea
Group 4 Banjopat's Cody Dean Riffle

Toy Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : J. Ramirez
Group 1 Hallmark Jolei Austin Powers
Group 2 Edelweiss Material Girl by Jove
Group 3 Mina's Yes It's Stu Little
Group 4 Kismets Jasmine Flower At Otello

Nonsporting Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : P. Hastings
Group 1 Imagine Loves Second Chance
Group 2 Royalty's Splash Of Taylor
Group 3 Tumbleweed's Burn The Ships
Group 4 Chitawee\'s Jest In Case

Herding Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : C. Neale
Group 1 Clemwood's Nobel Laureate
Group 2 Lambluv Gambolon Sultry Wind
Group 3 Adair Destination
Group 4 Eden Crowns Designer Label