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Sandemac KC

Date 10/19/2013
Show Location Springfield Illinois
Best In Show Judge Mr. Richard Beauchamp
Best In Show GCH Hundeleben Queen’s Armada
Breed Longhaired Dachshund
Reserve Best In Show GCH Pouch Cove’s Seabrook Enough Said

Sporting Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Anne Katona
Group 1 GCH Regal Point Pinnacle Of Kilauea Vizsla
Group 2 CH Seaview’s Too Busy Being Fabulous English Springer Spaniel
Group 3 CH Doc N’ Camelot’s Heaven Can Wait Weimaraner
Group 4 CH Royalart’s It’s My Party Welsh Springer Spaniel

Hound Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Patricia Trotter
Group 1 GCH Hundeleben Queen’s Armada Longhaired Dachshund
Group 2 CH Houla’s Potter Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Group 3 CH Laurel S’Simply Shocking Sabrina Basenji
Group 4 CH Foxglen Truth Or Consequences Basset Hound

Working Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. Kenneth Buxton
Group 1 GCH Pouch Cove’s Seabrook Enough SAid Newfoundland
Group 2 CH Dal Primo Magic Moment Bullmastiff
Group 3 GCH Longo Miller N Lore Diamond Lil Great Dane
Group 4 GCH Kaja’s Ruby Red Rascal At Maximus Boxer

Terrier Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. Charles Trotter
Group 1 GCH Allaruth Just Kidding V Sole Baye Miniature Schnauzer
Group 2 GCH True Blue Madonna Kerry Blue Terrier
Group 3 GCH Goldsand’s Columbus Russell Terrier
Group 4 GCH Cyntu’s Twist N Shout Cairn Terrier

Toy Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. Steve Hayden
Group 1 GCH Sharbelle Silhouette Toy Poodle
Group 2 GCH Tab’s Scootin’ Boomer Of Storm Pomeranian
Group 3 CH Fistface A Penny For Your Thought Brussels Griffon
Group 4 GCH LTO Prosperity English Toy Spaniel

Nonsporting Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Donna Buxton
Group 1 GCH Jade East Do You Know The Way To San Jose Chinese Shar Pei
Group 2 GCH Mytoy’s Epic Against The Wind Bulldog
Group 3 GCH Dawin Hearts On Fire Standard Poodle
Group 4 GCH Coco Vialatte Robobull Hot Flash French Bulldog

Herding Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. Jon Cole
Group 1 GCH Aubrey’s Tails Of Mystery Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Group 2 GCH Bonnytymes Keepn It Real At Divine Belgian Sheepdog
Group 3 GCH McMatt’s Autumn Breeze Australian Shepherd
Group 4 CH Bayshore’s Hot Chocolate Of Avatar Border Collie