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Greater Sierra Vista KC

Date 11/17/2013
Show Location Tucson AZ
Best In Show Judge Mrs. Sharon Krogh
Best In Show GCH Quiet Creek’s Kiss And Tell
Breed Bloodhound
Reserve Best In Show GCH Scylla’s Small Kraft Re-Lit

Sporting Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. Gregory Anderson
Group 1 GCH Tamaron’s Tag You’re It Vizsla
Group 2 Skyflying Labrador Retriever
Group 3 GCH Clussexx Collaboration With Traddles Clumber Spaniel
Group 4 GCH Gourley’s DFL 99 Carat Diamond Brittany

Hound Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Ms. Lori Nelson
Group 1 GCH Quiet Creek’s Kiss And Tell Bloodhound
Group 2 GCH Barrister’s Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend Beagle - 13"
Group 3 GCH Downhome HiTech Innovator Harrier
Group 4 GCH Starline’s Oxford Victim Of Love Whippet

Working Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Debra Thornton
Group 1 GCH Chancellor Flirts High Flyin’ Gladiator Rottweiler
Group 2 CH Asiri Hisar Kazara Anatonlian Shepherd
Group 3 GCH Aristes Paint It Black Black Russian Terrier
Group 4 GCH Legacy’s Sir Lucan Of Camelot Newfoundland

Terrier Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. David Kirkland
Group 1 GCH Afterall Painting The Sky Wire Fox Terrier
Group 2 GCH Hjohoo’s Save The Hjour Love For Me Cairn Terrier
Group 3 CH First Class Willow Wind The Phoenix Bedlington Terrier
Group 4 GCH McHill’s HRH Prince Gizmo House Of Gremlin Border Terrier

Toy Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Sharon Krogh
Group 1 GCH Scylla’s Small Kraft Re-LitMaltese Maltese
Group 2 CH Strongfort Opium Puffin Muffin Affenpinscher
Group 3 GCH Winsome-Nirvana-Blaque Triple Play Pug
Group 4 GCH Smash JP Winning Ribbon Toy Poodle

Nonsporting Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. David Krogh
Group 1 GCH Durandel Bella Donna MIniature Poodle
Group 2 CH Brighton Signature Standard Poodle
Group 3 GCH Bonchien Cedric The Entertainer Schipperke
Group 4 CH Olivia Enchanting Lady Of Camelot Bulldog

Herding Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Ms. Denise Dean
Group 1 GCH Coventry Allure At Wyndstar Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Group 2 GCH Stonewall Iski De La Salsa Bouvier Des Flandres
Group 3 Swan Crest’s Silver Lining @ Stonebrook Polish Lowland Sheepdog
Group 4 GCH Vista’s Wait For The Beep At MGK Australian Cattle Dog