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Louisville KC

Date 03/14/2014
Show Location Louisville KY
Best In Show Judge Dr Alvin Krause
Best In Show GCH Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect
Breed Old English Sheepdog
Reserve Best In Show GCH Shine’s Deck The Halls
Breed Chinese Shar-Pei

Sporting Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Debbie Campbell-Freeman
Group 1 CH Easthill Broxden Woodland Lettuce Entertain You Golden Retriever
Group 2 CH Ashdown’s Time To Thrill Black Cocker Spaniel
Group 3 GCH Foxboro N Shardust Authentic English Springer Spaniel
Group 4 GCH Simpatico Equal Justice Weimaraner

Hound Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Patricia Trotter
Group 1 GCH Foxfire Full Force Gale Black And Tan Coonhound
Group 2 CH Tashtins Lookin For Trouble Beagle 15"
Group 3 GCH Tells Matrix Reloaded Afghan Hound
Group 4 GCH Topsfield-Sanchu Eenie Meenie Miney Moe Basset Hound

Working Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Ms. Bonnie Linnell Clark
Group 1 GCH Goldleaf’s Trouble Coming CGC Mastiff
Group 2 GCH Rivergroves Chateau De Casteinau Great Pyrenees
Group 3 GCH Topaz Bad Action Siberian Husky
Group 4 GCH Derby Toast with Gusto Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Terrier Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Rosalind Kramer
Group 1 CH Crynwyd Caprice Wire Fox Terrier
Group 2 GCH High Mtn Everso Smooth Smooth Fox Terrier
Group 3 GCH Shaireab’s Bayleigh Maid Of Honor Welsh Terrier
Group 4 GCH Meadowlake Pants On Fire Border Terrier

Toy Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Vicki Abbott
Group 1 GCH Caper’s Sirius Endeavor Pug
Group 2 CH Hitimes What The Inferno Pomeranian
Group 3 CH Hallmark Jolei Rocket Power Shih Tzu
Group 4 CH Seagryphs Sleeping With The Anemone Brussels Griffon

Nonsporting Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Charlotte Patterson
Group 1 GCH Shine’s Deck The Halls Chinese Shar-Pei
Group 2 GCH Paceaway Play it Again Lowchen
Group 3 GCH Saks Winning Card Bichon Frise
Group 4 GCH Dowats The Gladiator Bulldog

Herding Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs Sheila Polk
Group 1 GCH Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect Old English Sheepdog
Group 2 CH Stonepillar’s Steel Blu Bouvier Des Flandres
Group 3 GCH Copperridge’s Debonair CD RA Australian Shepherd
Group 4 GCH La Brise Sun Bear Pyrenean Shepherd