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San Fernando KC

Date 05/26/2014
Show Location Pomona CA
Best In Show Judge Mr. Peter Green
Best In Show GCH Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect
Breed Old English Sheepdog
Reserve Best In Show GCH Honor’s Promise Of The Future
Breed Great Pyrenees

Sporting Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Vicki Abbott
Group 1 GCH Simpatico Equal Justice Weimaraner
Group 2 GCH Foxboro N Shardust Authentic English Springer Spaniel
Group 3 GCH Sandpiper’s Let Freedom Ring Golden Retriever
Group 4 CH Clussexx Over The Legal Limit Clumber Spaniel

Hound Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Peggy Gutierrez-Otero
Group 1 CH Scentini No Double Beagle - 15"
Group 2 GCH Walmar-Solo’s IOU Longhaired Dachshund
Group 3 GCH Jasiri-Sukari Win Tin Tin Basenji
Group 4 CH Sporting Fields Shameless Whippet

Working Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. George Marquis
Group 1 GCH Honor’s Promise Of The Future Great Pyrenees
Group 2 GCH Von Loven The Spin Never Stops Rottweiler
Group 3 GCH Steinhaus Maxim Courage Standard Schnauzer
Group 4 GCH Topaz Bad Action Siberian Husky

Terrier Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mrs. Wyoma Clouss
Group 1 CH Allruth Carmel Still Kidding V Sole Baye Miniature Schnauzer
Group 2 GCH Penaire Cash Game At Long Airedale Terrier
Group 3 GCH Roundtown Everyday Magic Of Maryscot Scottish Terrier
Group 4 GCH Rockledge MCCallen Of Meath Irish Terrier

Toy Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. Larry Abbott
Group 1 GCH Trios Big Shot Yorkshire Terrier
Group 2 GCH Kulana’s Sh-Boom Chinese Crested
Group 3 GCH Strongfort Opium Puffin Muffin Affenpinscher
Group 4 GCH Karisma Heart And Soul Silky Terrier

Nonsporting Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. Enrique Jorge Filippini
Group 1 Mistli Xoloitzcuintli
Group 2 GCH Lebull’s El Morocco At Lecirque French Bulldog
Group 3 CH Keesbrook N Winddrift’s Spencer Keeshond
Group 4 GCH Regalia Delta Breeze At Zoji LA Tibetan Terrier

Herding Group Dog Name Breed
Judge : Mr. David Ojalvo
Group 1 GCH Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect Old English Sheepdog
Group 2 GCH Coventry Swinging On A Star Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Group 3 CH Larkangen’s American Trendy Girl Bearded Collie
Group 4 CH Quiche Kari Without Kompromise Bouvier Des Flandres