Sunday, January 20, 2013

CH PaRay Preferential

CH PaRay Preferential

We are down to the last day of the Rose City Classic, and the buzz here in the Portland Expo Center is no longer about the weather, but about the BACK2BACK BIS performance by the Shetland Sheepdog, CH PaRay Preferential. Breeder/owner/handler Tray Pittman is known for his beautiful Shelties, but this one, call name Satoshi, is new to most of us. The two wins have made him the nation’s Number Three Dog All Breeds and a Dog Show Poop DOG2WATCH. So much for anonymity. Satoshi was co-bred by Paul Flores and is owned by Tray, Paul and Kim Furlong.

9:00 AM

I’m starting the day with James Briley’s 28 Havanese. As a former Maltese breeder, I was somewhat conflicted when these guys were admitted to the registry, but I am now a convert. The cheerful demeanor, infinite color choices and lack of bows make them a perfect choice. Judge Briley’s Best Of Breed was GCH CH Oeste’s Flirt’n WithAn Outlaw.

10:30 AM

We don’t see a lot of American Eskimo Dogs in the Mid-South where I live, so I am making a point to visit Dr. Robert Indeglia’s ring to see his 20 specimens. Eskies come in three sizes, Toy, Miniature, and Standard, varying from 9-12, 12-15 & 15-19 inches. Most of Dr. Indeglia’s entry fell into the Miniature range including his breed winner, CH Mystic Knight of Magic.

11:30 AM

I decided to stay with Dr. Indeglia to watch his 10 Toy Poodles. Just about everyone who has had a dog has an opinion about the Toy Poodle. Growing up, I thought all Toy Poodles were bad-tempered, fuzzy dwarves favored by wealthy southern matrons. It wasn’t until I entered the show world that I met the quintessential Toy Dog favored by fanciers, easy to live with, easy to train and easy to love. The one Dr. Indeglia loved was GCH CH Sharbelle Greg-Mar International Boy.

12:30 PM

While watching the American Eskimo Dogs, someone ringside remarked how similar they thought the Norwegian Buhund is to the Eskie. I decided to make my way over to Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine’s ring to see for myself. There are some substantial differences, including a narrow size range (16-17 1/2 for bitches, 17-18 1/2 for dogs), a much shorter coat and two allowable colors, wheaten and black. The Buhund emphasizes sturdiness and all showed it in the ring. Today’s best Of Breed was CH Kyon’s Bold Norseman.

I decided to stay with judge Beisel-McIlwaine for her 17 Old English Sheepdogs. One of the most recognizable breeds, the Old English requires a commitment to that coat. Today’s breed winner was in pristine condition, GCH CH Zottel’s Shaggy Star.