Friday, January 18, 2013

The Rose City Classic resumes this morning with the Dog Fanciers Association Of Oregon’s first outing. The entry is about 10 percent higher than yesterday, and we will look for a couple of dogs that we know are in the hall, but did not make it to the ring yesterday.

8:00 AM

Today's Chinook Entry

Today’s Chinook Entry

My first stop this morning is at James Briley’s ring to get my first look at a Chinook. Judge Briley had three entries, all bitches, all bred by Susan Fletcher of Damascus OR. I asked Susan about what seems to be a coat insufficient for a sled dog. Susan, who has owned Chinooks since 1989, tells me that the Chinook coat is quick to adapt to it environment. Her breed winner, Frontier in Bocca Allupo, who is a sled dog and has recently returned to Oregon from Wyoming, did carry a substantially more dense coat than her kennel mates.

After the Chinooks, Judge Briley had 11 Tibetan Mastiffs, including six specials. The TMs in this area are outstanding, and judge Briley’s Best Of Breed, GCH CH Dreamcatcher Major Victory of Loki, was testament to that.

9:30 AM

I’ve been neglecting the Sporting Dogs, so I headed over to Sandra Lex’s ring to catch her 14 ASCOB (Any Solid Color Other than Black) Cocker Spaniels. It’s easy to think that that Cockers come only in black or blonde, but there are lots of colors in between. However, all of judge Lex’s entries today were cream, save one, a dark brown. Her breed winner, Tru-Luv’s Dance With Me, is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and took the breed from the Open Bitch class.

 Next up for Judge Lex were 18 Vizsla, half of which were specials. The distinctive color, commonly called cinnamon, is described in the standard as “golden rust.” While some variation is allowed, too light or dark a coat will get you excused. Today’s breed winner, GCH CH Kyllburg n Gossamer’s Some Like It Hot, had that vibrant color only Vizsla exhibit.

11:30 AM

GCH CH Shilo Time for a Good Time with handler Christopher Keith

GCH CH Shilo Time for a Good Time with handler Christopher Keith

While at judge Lex’s ring, someone asked me if I had seen the Tibbies yet (Tibetan Spaniels). y interest peaked, I made my way over to Randy Garren’s ring in time to see him go over his 11 Schipperkes.  His Best of Breed was the very typey GCH CH Bonchien Prodigal Son.

I have called the Tibetan Spaniel the Rodney Dangerfield of the Non-Sporting Group. Not as flash as the Poodles, Bichons, or other coated breeds, they often get overlooked. However, the charming face and demeanor have won them a loyal group of followers. The chemistry between handler Christopher Keith and GCH CH Shilo Time for a Good Time is evident in the above photo and certainly helped get them the breed win today.