Thursday, January 17, 2013

6:00 AM


GCH CH AfterAll Painting the Sky

I’m at my keyboard a little earlier than usual thanks to a benign time zone and my own eagerness to get to the show hall to see all the action here at the Rose City Classic in Portland OR. The Number One Dog All Breeds, the Wire Fox Terrier, GCH CH AfterAll Painting the Sky, got a 200-point plus head start on the party with a Group One at yesterday’s Terrier Association Of Oregon limited breed show. Rounding out Sharol Candace Way’s placements were a trio of dogs from the Pacific Northwest, the American Staffordshire Terrier, GCH CH Alpine’s Ring of Fire; the Miniature Bull Terrier, GCH CH Cambria’s Kid n Play; and the Soft Coated Wheaten, CH Doubloon Extreme Play.

Check back with me at 9:00 AM PST for the first of my breed reports from ringside. You can also get BIS reports on my Dog Show Poop site for today’s Annapolis Kennel Club show in West Friendship MD and the Livonia Kennel Club show in Novi MI when they come in.

8:00 AM


GCH CH Bur-Mack’s National Treasury at Medley RN

I’m starting my day with judge Sandra Lex, who has four Toy Manchester Terriers, nine Italian Greyhounds, nine Toy Fox Terriers and 11 Japanese Chin. Breed winners were GCH CH Bur-Mack’s National Treasury at Medley RN, GCH CH Alfeim-Akaya’s Despicable Me, GCH CH Valoopy Shively Son of a Gun and CH Bliss’s Chinsational Wasabi, respectively.

9:30 AM


Pirata II de Viamonte
A Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

My next stop is at Monica Canestrini’s ring to catch a glimpse of my first Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. There was but one entry, an open dog with a wire coat, Pirata II de Viamonte. His owners, Jea Evanoff & Karen Ogelsby, tell me that the Podengo is an exceedingly happy breed that can be a handful, though they said the girls are easy to live with. I also got to see a trio of Windbourne Black & Tan Coonhounds, including the impressive breed winner, GCH Windbourne Ranch King of the Road.

 10:30 AM

I’m at James Briley’s ring to watch him do four Giant Schnauzers, 11 Saint Bernards and 11 Kuvasok. His Best Giant was CH Skansen’s Leather and Lace of Twilight. As regular readers know, my first time in the ring was with the family’s pet Saint Bernard. I have never lost my affection for them or my respect for those who exhibit them. Today’s Best Saint was CH Tinkerbell’s Strike the Golf V Santas Forest. As much fun as watching the Saints was, the real treat was the Kuvasok judging. You don’t get many chances to see 11 Kuvasok under one roof.  Today’s Best Kuvasz was GCH cH Matiaci High Voltage at Glacier Creek.