For Everyone Thats Been Delayed or Stranded On Their Travels This Story is Encouragement to Enjoy Where You Are.

Not sure how many of you seem to have Tunnel vision when you head out to a dog show… Probably most of you! I know for the last almost 30 years we’ve packed our bags,car and loaded up the dogs with one thing in mind. Getting to the dog show!! This year our trip was to our National specialty and with the same purpose we readied the house, Packed our bags, bathed and groomed the dogs and loaded the car and headed out from Ogden Utah to Tucson AZ. As always, trying to find the fastest Route to arrive at our Destination. I’ve probably traveled this route 10 or 15 times over the years and never stopped to view the beautiful scenery that is Southern Utah and Arizona.

A view of the Grand Canyon

This year we Arrived in Tucson AZ ready to enjoy 7 days of Wonderful Camaraderie with our Beagle friends and family, Only really leaving the dog show venue to eat or visit a store. It seemed the same old habits were going to be hard to break! After a great Regional Specialty put on by the Phoenix Arizona Beagle club and Our National Specialty and a lot of fun! We once again packed up the car and dogs and headed out for home. Kayla and I with one thing in mind… We are going to see the Grand Canyon!! Its not a terribly far drive from Tucson in the grand scheme of drives weve taken over the years. About 5 hours and we arrived at the entrance of the south rim of the Grand canyon. Of course we’ve all seen photo’s of this magnificent place but, that first glimpse as you stand at the edge of what I can only describe as breath taking awe you realize this is something to see with your own eyes! We spent about an hour walking along the south rim trails and enjoying the beauty and serenity of the canyon.. why did I wait so long to see this??

Zions Tunnel and View from outside Windows

Leaving the Grand canyon national park we traveled along the South Rim road and stopped a few more times at sunset to see the canyon and to enjoy its beauty.. Pausing to photograph some elk who had ventured out in the dusk as well. A great day! We drove on into the desert darkness and arrived in Kanab utah around 9pm thinking we’d just high tail it out of there in the morning and get home but, Zion’s National park was calling us! We had red rock fever! So, we veered off our designated route and headed down hwy 9 to the entrance of zions park. I’ve lived in Utah for nearly 50 years and have never seen this place and its every bit as beautiful and stunning as the Grand Canyon but, very different as well. Passing through the entrance you immediately come upon beautiful towering layered sandstone formations with hues from deep red to light pink. At each turn is something new! finally reaching the 1.1 mile tunnel which was blasted and carved out of limestone rock in the 1920’s and 30’s. No natural light but, little carved windows that you can see as you drive along showing you just a glimpse of what is to come. Coming out the other side you drive to the canyon floor along a road of switchbacks finally reaching the bottom and another 8 mile scenic drive of amazing redrock scenery!

Looking For the Next Adventure

I suppose my message is something along the lines of “take time to smell the roses” see some sites and if you can don’t miss these wonderful places that are most likely just a few miles off your path from home to the dog show!