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Response to Superstorm Sandy – Part II: Fed’s Action Protects Lives

Part I of this story reported on the assistance that the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) department has distributed to aid animals and their owners affected by Superstorm Sandy, which devastated parts of the East Coast three weeks ago. During a conversation with AKC Director of Communications Lisa Peterson, she noted that things were… read more

Humans weren’t the only victims of Superstorm Sandy on October 29, 2012. Photo ©

Response to Superstorm Sandy – Part I: AKC CAR Makes a Difference

In the aftermath of the storm that devastated parts of the eastern seaboard on October 29, 2012, many residents found themselves homeless or with severely damaged homes following hurricane-force winds, torrential rain and massive flooding. Recovery is still under way in New York, New Jersey and other states in the Northeast, where FEMA, along with… read more