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Satisfying the Urge to Herd

All those herding breeds, sitting on couches, trotting around backyards, trying, whenever possible, to exercise their innermost desire – the urge to herd. Your own herders might only get the opportunity to satisfy that urge when children visit or a gaggle of geese goes off course into your neighborhood. But all over the country many… read more

New USDA Breeder Regulations to Be Released for Comment

[Friday, May 11, 2012] Early next week, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will be releasing for public comment a new interpretation of portions of existing regulations for the federal Animal Welfare Act. In particular, two proposed changes may have a potentially significant impact on… read more


Willie Nelson Lends Voice to Support American Kennel Club

Fanciers who breed and show dogs for AKC conformation dog shows know that over the past decade their motives, and sometimes their morality, have been brought into question. The animal rights extremists have created an effective campaign that paints even the most responsible hobby breeders as egomaniacs who breed unhealthy dogs that take homes away… read more


Canine Partners Program Sees 30,000 Entries in Two Years

Thousands of dogs of mixed-breed or unknown pedigree have entered American Kennel Club agility, obedience, rally and coursing ability events more than 30,000 times in the last two years as members of the Canine Partners program. Spayed or neutered mixed-breed dogs, purebred dogs that can’t be registered with the AKC or in its Foundation Stock… read more


Who Will Go to the AKC Open Show?

Visit dog shows in other parts of the world and one of the conclusions you may quickly draw is that exhibitors at American dog shows take their hobby very seriously. The atmosphere is usually more intense at an American show than at shows in Europe and elsewhere. Even at the venerated Crufts dog show, British… read more


What Junior Handlers Expect in the Ring

Two prominent Junior Showmanship judges recently shared their perspectives on what they expect from junior handlers in the ring. Today we take a look at the expectations of the young handlers, courtesy of a trio that actively participates in the American Kennel Club program, just one example of the AKC’s commitment to protecting and assuring… read more


What Junior Showmanship Judges Expect in the Ring

Part of the mission of the American Kennel Club is to “Take whatever actions necessary to protect and assure the continuation of the sport of purebred dogs.” The AKC’s Junior Showmanship program is just one example of the kennel club’s commitment to fulfilling this portion of its charter statement. Most fanciers agree that everyone should do… read more


Bringing out the Baby

Many exhibitors who began showing dogs in the 1980s or earlier remember fondly the days when the puppy match was common, and fanciers gathered with other dog people for a relaxing day of what really amounted to training our puppies, and often ourselves, to the show ring. Sadly, those days are long gone, and puppy… read more


AKC Point Schedule Divisions Due to Change in May 2012

For as long as most of us have been showing dogs, the AKC “Schedule of Points” used to calculate how many championship points are available was based on a three-year average of entries at dog shows within a particular group of states, each group being labeled a “division.” As an example, the championship point schedule… read more

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AKC Delegates Say ‘No’ to Group Realignment

American Kennel Club delegates voted down a proposal to split the existing seven Groups into 11 that would have mainly affected the Sporting, Hound and Working Groups. With three new delegates elected and seated earlier in the quarterly delegates meeting on March 13, the recommendation of a special 4-year-old committee was defeated by a vote… read more

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