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Rand Siekert gives Drew a high five after earning his Preferred Agility Champion title. After Drew’s surgery to remove his right eye, he had trouble perceiving height jumps, so he moved to the Preferred class.Photo by DynamicDog.

One-Eyed Basenji Earns String of Titles

Linda Daves Siekert might be a certified veterinary technician and the treasurer of the Basenji Club of America, but those are only sidelines because she’s been “physically owned” by Basenjis since 1994. Despite that admission, Linda says it was the breed’s lack of a traditional bark that set her on the path to a life… read more

A Bernese Mountain Dog races for the lure, which is made of white plastic, at an AKC coursing ability test. Photo by Gaines Photography/Courtesy AKC.

Non-Sighthounds Hit the Lure Course

Hundreds and hundreds of dogs that aren’t sighthounds, qualified for conformation rings or even of single-breed heritage have competed in American Kennel Club coursing ability tests since February 2011. Bob Mason, an AKC field representative in Oklahoma City, might well be called the father of coursing ability. A lure-coursing enthusiast since the mid-1970s, Mason has traveled… read more