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Dogs and Ebola Virus

As I write this, Teresa Romero Ramos, a nurse assistant in Spain, is battling for her life against Ebola virus disease. Despite local protests and objections voiced via a global social media campaign, a court order mandated that Teresa’s elderly, but overtly healthy dog named Excalibur be euthanized. His remains were “put into a sealed… read more

With Homeopathy, ‘Like Cures Like’

Homeopathy just might be the dark horse of nontraditional, or complementary, veterinary care. Its basic concept can be difficult for the uninitiated to even grasp, let alone consider as viable. But its advocates – both practitioners and beneficiaries – can’t imagine helping dogs and other animals to good health without it. It involves administering a… read more


We’re Not Brushing Our Dogs’ Teeth, but We Are…

February is Pet Dental Health Month, designed to educate dog owners about the importance of their dogs’ teeth and caring for them in much the same way as they do their own. For a number of years now, brushing dogs’ teeth has been promoted as the best way to prevent the development of plaque –… read more


Dog Population Down Since 2006

The U.S. dog population totaled 69.9 million in 2011, according to the latest survey from the American Veterinary Medical Association, which was conducted in early 2012 and released in mid-January as the “U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook.” That’s a whole lot of dogs, but not as many as when the survey was last done in… read more


Traveling with Pets

Most people would consider their pet as a part of the family. Lovable cats and dogs often get stockings on the fireplace mantel at Christmas, bejeweled collars, and are given gourmet food. Adoring pet owners love spoiling their four-legged companions and only want the best care possible for them. It should come as no surprise,… read more

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AVMA Addresses Raw Food Diets

The American Veterinary Medical Association House of Delegates is meeting August 3 through 7, 2012, in San Diego, Calif. Among the items on the agenda is a proposed policy on the feeding of “raw or undercooked animal-source protein diets” for pets. The new position statement, drafted by the AVMA Council on Public Health and Regulatory… read more

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AAHA Vaccination Guidelines Help Vets Navigate Infectious Disease Prevention Waters

Prior to 2003, veterinarians turned to a variety of sources to decide how often to vaccinate their canine patients. Since then, thanks to the work of experts in immunity, infectious diseases and internal medicine, they have been able to look to a set of guidelines, most recently updated just last year and published in the… read more