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A veterinary surgeon at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, Nick Trout has written three other books, all non-fiction. Photo by Deborah Feingold.

Veterinary Surgeon Pens First Work of Fiction

Nick Trout, M.A., Vet. M.B., just might be the new James Herriot. A board-certified veterinary surgeon at Angell Medical Center in Boston, he specializes in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. But since 2009, he’s also been writing books about life as a veterinarian. His first was “Tell Me Where It Hurts: A Day of Humor,… read more

Nails affected by disease. Removal or amputation is sometimes the only way to determine the disease's cause. Photo courtesy of Angell Animal Medical Center.

Nail Diseases Are Rare, but Tough to Cure

It’s unlikely that any of your dogs will have a nail disease that isn’t related to trauma of some kind. So, if none of them ever pulls off a nail or cracks one by getting it stuck in a grate, you aren’t likely to need the expertise of a specialist like Klaus Loft, D.V.M., of… read more