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Judging the Judges

We’ve all done it. We may know it’s not exactly fair, but it’s frankly too much fun to abstain. It doesn’t matter if you’re an old hand or a rank novice – as soon as you plop down at ringside and start watching the dogs, you’re magically transformed into a judge. Not just any judge,… read more

The Santa Barbara Experience

By now the results from the Santa Barbara dog show weekend on August 23-26, 2013, are old news to anyone who cares about these things. We know the Corgi beat the Wire the first two days, the Fox Terrier came back and won the Sunday show, and the last big ribbon of the weekend went to… read more

A Judge’s Conscience: Dog Shows, ‘Gay-Friendly Propaganda’ and Russia

This week’s column will be a little different, perhaps more personal than usual, but I believe a question I’m concerned with right now may apply to a lot of other dog people as well. Should dog show judges have a conscience? That sounds like a weird question, I know: of course you need to have… read more

Looking Back: Western Reserve, Santa Barbara and a Survey

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s always interesting to look back to past days, and in dogs, as in most other things, you’ll find it was a very different world. At the same time it’s amazing how much has not changed. Without further comments, here are a few sample quotes… read more

‘Guidelines for Exhibitors’ a Good Idea

Did you hear the sad story of the top dog who had a Best in Show and several Group wins disallowed by AKC because it turned out that his handler had showed another, unrelated dog under the top winner’s co-owner, who is also a judge, a couple of months earlier? That’s not allowed according to… read more

A Sighthound Weekend and a 50th Anniversary in Art

To a few hundred dedicated exhibitors, the Lompoc weekend in late July means more than just another couple of California shows. For many years this was the highlight of the show season for those of us who love sighthounds, the closest thing to what Montgomery County means for Terrier folks. In the 1990s and early… read more

The American Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club: Is There an Alternative?

I don’t often write show reports, but the American Kennel Club shows in California on July 19-22, hosted by the Kennel Club of Salinas and Sierra-Tuolumne Kennel Club Inc., are worth highlighting for two reasons: the atmosphere and their proximity to four all-breed United Kennel Club shows. The AKC shows were pleasant, in spite of… read more

Hidden Gems, Great Beginnings and Non-Ranked Legends

The other day I heard about a dog with a show record that really impressed me. I know, we hear about big winners all the time, so what’s so unusual about that? Just look at the ads for any of the top-ranked campaigners, and you’ll see so many Best in Show ribbons it makes your… read more

In Memoriam: Isabell Stoffers

Multi-Group AKC judge Isabell Stoffers, of Alta Loma, Calif., died peacefully at home in the evening of Thursday, July 11, 2013. A glamorous and much beloved fixture of the California dog show scene since the 1960s, Mrs. Stoffers maintained a small but highly successful breeding program for Whippets under the Runner’s prefix. The homebred Ch…. read more

Words We Say: Breed Standard Language

Have you checked your dogs’ trumpets recently? Are their couples wide enough, even to raggedness? Are their shoulders perhaps a little too bossy, are their horns really strong, and does their bark sound like a broken bell? Welcome to the wonderful world of breed standards, complete with expressions you’ve never heard before, many of which… read more

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