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A New Obsession: Pedigrees on the Internet

When people talk about the good old days, I’m never convinced they were really as wonderful as they say. Distance adds a rosy luster to what was perhaps not so great in reality. Trust me, life 50 years ago may have been better in some ways for some people – but only if you belonged… read more

Divide and Conquer: How to Classify Breeds into Groups

What makes a Terrier a Terrier and a Hound a Hound? How do we determine which characteristics define a particular kind of dog, and what possible reason can any kennel club give when trying to divide all the existing breeds into separate groups for the purpose of dog show competition? And, come to think of… read more

World News: The Russians Are Coming!

Russia is more in the news now than ever, especially in dogs. We hear of huge shows, beautiful dogs, talented breeders and aggressive campaigns that force a lot of experienced European dog people to look to their laurels. Russian dogs have already won at Crufts and the World Show, and I’m sure it’s just a… read more

BISD Polls: Crates, Judging, Counter Attacks and National Specialties

Best In Show Daily’s weekly poll question gives readers a chance to weigh in on the dog-related topics addressed by our editors. Your responses, together with the comments posted at the end of each article, provide a glimpse into how the fancy feels about some of the cultural, political and legal issues that concern today’s… read more

The Biggest Shows in America… and Anywhere, Part 2

Last week I presented some figures that clearly demonstrate, as everybody seems to know these days, that even our biggest AKC dog shows are fairly small compared to most major events overseas. Few all-breed shows in the U.S. have as many as 3,000 dogs, yet Great Britain, Scandinavia and several countries on the European continent regularly… read more

The Biggest Shows in America… and Anywhere, Part 1

Why are the biggest dog shows in America so much smaller than their foreign counterparts? That question is often heard these days, and in view of the huge entry figures that some overseas shows attract on a regular basis, it’s a justified concern. Are we doing something wrong? How do we attract new fanciers? Is… read more

BISD Readers Go to the Polls

The dog sport is peopled with individuals who are generally eager to share their passion for dogs with anyone who will listen. If you ask 20 dog people for their opinion on a topic related to their canine companions, you’re likely to hear 40 different points of view. A big reason most of us enjoy… read more

Dog Show Language: Talking About Winners, Specialty Bests, Sires, Dams and More

Is the written word still relevant in a digital world? Yes, of course: even if common wisdom holds that “nobody reads anymore,” it’s certainly a fact that everyone writes a lot more than they used to. In fact, how we write probably matters more than ever before, since everyone with an Internet connection appears to… read more

The ‘Today Show’ Fiasco: Looking Back and to the Future

You’ve all seen the headlines, and they weren’t pretty: “AKC-registered breeders raising dogs in ‘miserable’ conditions’”; “Link Between Puppy Mills and the AKC”; “AKC Approved Puppy Mill Pups”; etc., etc. It was enough to make any right-thinking dog fancier’s blood boil. It’s been a couple of weeks since NBC’s “Today Show” aired the now infamous… read more

National Specialties: A Celebration of the Breed

If there’s anything more fascinating in the world of dog shows than a really great National Specialty, I don’t know what that would be. When a large number of like-minded people get together for the single purpose of celebrating a breed they all love, the atmosphere that’s created is something you can’t experience anywhere else…. read more

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