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Breeder Buzzwords – The Toy Fox Terrier

Bigger is not always better in dogs, especially among the companion and Toy breeds that provide canine comfort in small doses. Scaled down versions of familiar breeds, such as Spaniels and Greyhounds, have delighted fanciers for millennia. From Beijing to Boston, diminutive dogs provide solace and entertainment for people of every class. In the U.S.,… read more

Breeder Buzzwords – The Saluki

The modern Saluki is the living embodiment of hounds that raced across the hot and arid sands of the Middle East thousands of years ago. Few breeds still in existence today can trace their lineage back to antiquity as can this ancient and enduring sighthound. Gazehounds developed naturally as landrace hunters along the Incense Road that… read more

Breeder Buzzwords – The Belgian Tervuren

Belgium is home to a family of general-purpose herding and guard dogs known as Chein de Berger Belge, or Belgian Shepherd Dogs. Developed to work sheep on farms in the low countries, several towns lent their names to the various coat and color combinations expressed by these dogs: Groenendael to the solid black long coat… read more

BISD Readers Go to the Polls

The dog sport is peopled with individuals who are generally eager to share their passion for dogs with anyone who will listen. If you ask 20 dog people for their opinion on a topic related to their canine companions, you’re likely to hear 40 different points of view. A big reason most of us enjoy… read more

Breeder Buzzwords – The Puli

In “Hungarian Dog Breeds,” published in 1977, authors Pál Sárkány and Imre Ócsag address the almost mystical relationship that has existed for centuries between the shepherd and his eager and intelligent sheepdogs: “A shepherd who took pride in his job would boast of his clever Puli, who was more than just a dog in his… read more

Eukanuba Hall Welcomes Dog Show Exhibitors

Finding a suitable venue to put on a dog show these days can be as big a challenge as finding a good plumber or a reliable dog sitter. Usually it takes just one good experience for a beautiful relationship to begin – or at the very least it can secure a top position on the… read more

Breeder Buzzwords – The Bulldog

The Bulldog, a British original that is the foundation of so many modern breeds, has come to symbolize the United Kingdom as well as that island nation’s most celebrated prime minister, Winston Churchill. No other breed of dog can lay claim to an identity so strongly associated with an empire and its most celebrated wartime… read more

Breeder Buzzwords – The Maltese

Domestic dogs descended over millennia in various parts of the world from wolves, and the relationship of some purebreds with their ancient ancestors is easy to recognize even today. What’s less obvious is the pedigree that connects the wildest of canines to the little white dogs that have inhabited various islands around the world for… read more


Intergroom 2013 Celebrates Extraordinary Talent

The Meadowlands Exposition Center is familiar to many dog show exhibitors as the site of dozens of pre-Westminster specialties. What is perhaps less well-known among Best In Show Daily readers is that the Seacaucus, N.J., facility is also the site of an international conference that’s been celebrating the extraordinary talent of the pet grooming professional… read more

A medieval castle seems the ideal locale for highlighting the world’s tallest purebred, the Irish Wolfhound.

My Favorite Things: Drawing in Pen and Ink

The dog makes an ideal companion and working partner, as any reader of Best In Show Daily will tell you. But a canine also makes the perfect muse for artists and writers. In fact, the dog is an excellent model for any creative person looking to express his or her love and admiration for “man’s… read more

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