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Junior Handlers Assist for a Summer to Remember

As far back as I can remember – and even further in the sport of dogs – young handlers have been spending their summers doing what we doggie people like to do best! No, not spending all day in bed, or going to the movies, but working our butts off and learning as much as… read more

Doggie Yoga Classes with Chris Ott

Wanna have a little bit of fun this summer with your pup? Well look no further because doggie yoga is here! Wait, what? Yes, doggie yoga! Today I bring you the one and only Chris Ott from Jackson, N.J., to tell us all about the fun she has with her dogs and much, much more!… read more

Boom, Boom, BOOM!

Is it really that time of the year already? July has definitely arrived faster than anticipated. It seems like just yesterday that it was snowing! July is here though – loud and clear – and it’s time to celebrate! Today is one of the most celebrated days of the summer, and many of us dog… read more

A Recap of Terrier Junior Handlers at Great Western

As we all know, the Great Western Terrier Association show is one of the “it” spots for junior handlers who show Terriers to compete. This year I was able to attend and watch the competition unfold for the second year in a row, and I have to say it had high and low points. Each… read more

Don’t Be an Over-Handler

Every single time I have the chance to actually sit down and watch Junior Showmanship judging, I learn something. I might be introduced to something new or reminded of something old, or maybe I’ll see a judging style that I think should really be talked about. So today I bring you something that I think… read more

Smiles All Around in the Ring

Now that my baby Beagles are getting older – in fact, they just turned 1 a few weeks back – I find comfort in knowing that I will be spending more time in the ring instead of out of it. I love being able to enjoy all aspects of the dog show world, including taking… read more

Be Ready for a Bitch in Season

For those of you who don’t know: as a junior handler you cannot show a bitch that’s in season. So what do you do when your girl comes in season in the middle of a dog show circuit or when you’re already at a show? It’s good to have a backup plan if your regular juniors… read more

An Interview with Kaitlyn Benedict

Last week I brought you a young handler who walked into the ring doing what any other handler would aspire to do at least once in a career: to be awarded a Best in Show. This week I bring you yet another young handler who not only shared the same aspiration, but accomplished it at the… read more

What to Wear: Junior Edition

It’s funny that when the seasons change the chatter starts going around about what is the “right” thing to wear – as if there is some strict dress code by which we all abide. Well, maybe there is no actual dress code, but for some exhibitors there are definitely the “right” and “wrong” things to… read more

An Interview with Chloe Tilford

Talk about a day to remember! Miss Chloe Tilford, a 16-year-old junior handler from Louisville, Ky., who’s only been showing dogs for three years now, was awarded not only Best Junior Handler, but also Best in Show at the Southern Indiana Kennel Club on June 1, 2013. I think it’s safe to say that at… read more

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