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When Cancer Hurts, but Only Part of the Time…

People readily associate a diagnosis of cancer with severe adverse clinical signs. I’m not speaking of the effects of chemotherapy or radiation; rather I’m referring to the decline in a patient’s quality of life occurring secondary to progression of disease. Regardless of whether the patient is a human or an animal, we’re equally capable of… read more


What Do You Think About Grief?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about grief. I’m not sure if it’s associated with the particularly gloomy run of cases I’ve seen at the clinic or the personal stress and sadness I’ve recently faced, but something is pulling my emotional barometer towards focusing on the different ways people inwardly, and outwardly, express grief. I’ve… read more

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California’s Six-Day Holding Period on Sheltered Animals Still in Jeopardy

A 1998 law that extended the holding period for animals in California’s pounds and shelters may be repealed as part of the ongoing effort to put a dent in the state’s years-long budget shortfall. It’s one of many regulations that Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is considering ditching to save money. Because the state mandated the… read more