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Fancy That: Friday at Crufts

I completely understand, as Bo Bengtson said in his Crufts report yesterday, not being “into” the activities and presentations that happen in the big ring before the Groups are judged, but I have to say again that I sincerely love that fact that the British put, in my view, as much emphasis on the fun… read more

David Alexander will judge Colored Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, White Bull Terriers, Skyes, one of the two new breeds showing – Russell Terriers, plus Dandie Dinmonts, Parson Russells and Westies at the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Photo courtesy of Westminster Kennel Club.

Fifteen Judges Step onto the Green for the First Time

Dozens of judges will head to New York City next week, putting their breed and Group expertise to the test on behalf of the Westminster Kennel Club to assess thousands of dogs of nearly 200 breeds and varieties. For 15 of them, it will be the first time they’ve stepped into the venerable club’s rings… read more

Best in Show at Kortrijk, Afghan HoundAfterglow Jumping Rainbows Of Sofico. Photographs by Karl Donvil.

Kortrijk Hosts 49th Show, Preps for Jubilee in 2013

Forty-nine editions ago, in 1964, the Kortrijk Eurodogshow started in Menen, a small town in the neighborhood of Kortrijk. Now it is, without any doubt, the number one show in Flanders and the strongest competitor of the national show of Belgium in Brussels. It is the most famous and best known not only in Belgium,… read more

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Crufts 2012 Day Four: Long Awaited, Greatly Anticipated

Day 4 at Crufts—long awaited, greatly anticipated. For 2012, tongues wagged as much as tails, not just with the veteran ring-watcher’s usual “Who’s Who” and who-is-winning-what predictions, but with a nagging sense of where the show would be headed, and what the effects of the previous day’s announcements had wrought. It would be deceptive not… read more

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Elizabeth Becomes the Crufts 'Queen for a Day'

Photos by Karl Donvil The Sunday evening festivities for Crufts opened in the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, England, with the fanfare to which those in attendance have become accustomed. There was electricity in the air as spectators and exhibitors looked forward to seeing who would become the Crufts Supreme Champion for 2012. But the… read more


Raising Kane…to Become the Crufts 2012 Best in Show Judge

The judge assigned to select the 2012 Best in Show winner at Crufts, the world’s largest dog show, is Frank Kane, who hails from the north of England. Well-known to those in the British dog show world as a breeder, exhibitor, judge, author, teacher, administrator, he is also as a bit of a celebrity, as… read more