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The Basenji is known as the “barkless dog,” although the breed makes a yodel-like sound when excited. Photo © Sergey Rusakov/Dreamstime.

Breeder Buzzwords – The Basenji

Central Africa has been the home of the Basenji for thousands of years. Since the time of the pharaohs, “the dog of the forest” has hunted alongside local peoples in the Ubangi-Uele basin, eking out a living in the heart of Africa. Research studies of canine DNA suggest the Basenji is one of the few… read more

Breeder Buzzwords – The Saluki

The modern Saluki is the living embodiment of hounds that raced across the hot and arid sands of the Middle East thousands of years ago. Few breeds still in existence today can trace their lineage back to antiquity as can this ancient and enduring sighthound. Gazehounds developed naturally as landrace hunters along the Incense Road that… read more

The Bluetick Coonhound is a nighttime hunter of the rascally raccoon, with a “cold nose” and a warm heart. Photo by Krista Droop.

Breeder Buzzwords – The Bluetick Coonhound

Scenthounds were developed throughout Europe beginning in the ninth century. The monks of the Abbey of St. Hubert began keeping an ancient strain in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium during this period, and from their hounds a wide array of breeds was developed in Britain, Scandinavia, France and elsewhere. The French, in particular, cultivated an… read more


Fancy That: Thursday at Crufts

The biggest, and some say best, dog show the world over began today in Birmingham, England, at the gargantuan National Exhibition Centre, a collection of interconnected halls that house the show’s benching and the big rings where breed judging takes place, as well as the most amazing array of vendors you can find at any… read more


Breeder Buzzwords – The Ibizan Hound

The Balearic Island of Ibiza is home to the remarkable Ibizan Hound. On this pine-covered island of mountain ranges, rugged cliffs, coastal rock and pebbled beaches, the primitive Ibizan Hound evolved to work under and over every imaginable obstacle in order to locate, flush, chase and retrieve its intended quarry – the rabbit. The ancestors… read more


Breeder Buzzwords – The Basset Hound

In 1958, shoe manufacturer Wolverine World Wide of Rockford, Mich., selected the name “Hush Puppies” for its new brand of casual footwear. The brushed-suede shoe with a crepe sole needed a logo, and the company chose the gentle and easygoing Basset Hound as the perfect symbol for a comfortable shoe with a relaxed style. The… read more


Breeder Buzzwords – The Borzoi

In the early 20th century, the impossibly elegant Borzoi became an icon of streamlined beauty and elegant efficiency. The breed formerly known as the Russian Wolfhound perfectly symbolized Western society’s desire to shake off old cultural confines in the aftermath of World War I. Known as the Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya in its homeland, the Borzoi… read more


Breeder Buzzwords – The Rhodesian Ridgeback

Throughout recorded history, crusaders and explorers, merchants and refugees survived their journeys, in part because of the domesticated animals that accompanied them. Horses, cattle and sheep were essential for sustaining vast armies that set out to explore and conquer the known world. Of course, no animal has been as devoted a traveling companion as the… read more

BIS Lhasa Apso

Elizabeth Becomes the Crufts 'Queen for a Day'

Photos by Karl Donvil The Sunday evening festivities for Crufts opened in the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, England, with the fanfare to which those in attendance have become accustomed. There was electricity in the air as spectators and exhibitors looked forward to seeing who would become the Crufts Supreme Champion for 2012. But the… read more


Breeder Buzzwords – The Afghan Hound

Breeders of purebred dogs speak a language all their own. Wherever they gather, at dog shows, seminars or in chat rooms, words and phrases are used that have very narrow definitions. Their usage makes it difficult for a novice to fully participate in the conversation, and all but impossible for the general public to follow… read more