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My Favorite Thing: Profiling Passionate People

In the 15 months I’ve been with Best In Show Daily, I have had the good fortune to interview many people whose passion for dogs is contagious. Inevitably, I leave the conversation all amped up to try some new sport or with a renewed sense of appreciation for my canine companion, Max. When I have… read more

James was Jan Rothwell’s “heart dog,” as well as a member of the American Bloodhound Club Hall of Fame and Working Dog Hall of Fame. Photo © by Tom Weigand/

Bloodhounds Go Sniffin’ Around for Mantrailing Titles

Every dog loves to sniff. It doesn’t matter if it’s another dog, a bit of food crushed into a sidewalk or the trail your neighborhood raccoon left when it passed by sometime during the night. While a keen sense of smell is built into virtually every dog, certain breeds were built with that trait as… read more