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Luxembourg Spring Show Entry Surpasses Record

The 2009 Luxembourg show was the most successful dog show held in that country with an entry of 5,487 dogs. But this year Luxembourg surpassed its own success and finished with no fewer than 5,529 entries. Amazing how a little country like Luxembourg can beat a lot of bigger countries in the neighborhood. Its success… read more

Best in Show at Kortrijk, Afghan HoundAfterglow Jumping Rainbows Of Sofico. Photographs by Karl Donvil.

Kortrijk Hosts 49th Show, Preps for Jubilee in 2013

Forty-nine editions ago, in 1964, the Kortrijk Eurodogshow started in Menen, a small town in the neighborhood of Kortrijk. Now it is, without any doubt, the number one show in Flanders and the strongest competitor of the national show of Belgium in Brussels. It is the most famous and best known not only in Belgium,… read more