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Brabo 2013 Is an Unexpected Success

It took Brabo a long time to recover from its lows of the past years. Who could have expected this show would become ranked in Belgium’s top three? Indeed, no less than 18 percent was gained compared to last year’s entry, which was already a good year. The increase was from 1,743 to 2,057. Guido… read more

Liability for Aggressive Dogs May Extend to Breeders

Belgium’s Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, Laurette Onkelinx, is considering extending liability to the breeder when a dog bites someone. If successful, Belgium will be the first country to have such a law. Breeders of dogs found guilty of biting could risk losing their permits to sell dogs. This could have a positive… read more

The Hungarian Old English Sheepdog,  Bottom Shaker My Secret, owned by József Koroknai of Hungary, was Best in Show under judge Dr. Tamás Jakkel. All photos by Karl Donvil.

Old English Sheepdog Wins World Dog Show 2013

The 2013 World Dog Show concluded yesterday in Budapest, Hungary, with the awarding of Best in Show by Dr. Tamás Jakkel to Old English Sheepdog Multi-Ch. Bottom Shaker My Secret, bred by Dr. István Szetmár, owned by József Koroknai and handled by Zsolt Hano. A press conference was held at the Hungexpo with new FCI… read more

The main ring at the Hungexpo in Budapest is large enough to accommodate the dogs while affording judges, the public and the press ample room to watch the proceedings. All photos by Karl Donvil.

World Dog Show Day Three – Budapest, Hungary

Saturday promised to be another long day at the World Show with three Groups to go: the Hounds and Scenthounds which is Group 6, the Pointing dogs, Group 7, and the Companion Dogs, which is Group 9. This is a most interesting day, as Group 6 has a lot of rare breeds and even in… read more

Dog lovers from throughout Hungary and beyond have traveled to the Hungexpo in Budapest to attend the 2013 World Dog Show. All photos by Karl Donvil.

World Dog Show Day Two – Budapest, Hungary

It was somewhat cloudy on the second day of the World Show, but no rain was to be expected. This is important, as at Hungexpo, the showground and the pavilions are not linked, and going from one hall to another means going outdoors. But so far, with the nice weather, this is the perfect place… read more

World Dog Show Day One – Budapest, Hungary

Eighty years ago the Hungarian Kennel Club became a member of the FCI, and on this anniversary the FCI members granted the Hungarian Kennel Club the honor of organizing this year’s World Dog Show. It had been only five years since the HKC had the opportunity to organize the European Dog Show. That edition was one… read more

Luxembourg Spring Show Entry Surpasses Record

The 2009 Luxembourg show was the most successful dog show held in that country with an entry of 5,487 dogs. But this year Luxembourg surpassed its own success and finished with no fewer than 5,529 entries. Amazing how a little country like Luxembourg can beat a lot of bigger countries in the neighborhood. Its success… read more

Best in Show at Hoogstraten 2013 was awarded by judge Walter Van Den Broek to Weimaraner Grey Classic’s I Kick Azz, owned by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts of Belgium. Photos by Karl Donvil.

Hoogstraten Celebrates Its 40th Show

The show of Hoogstraten, Belgium, had its 40th edition later than usual this year. The reason this show needs to change its date every two years has to do with the scheduling of the show in Gent that takes place every two years. As there is no show in Gent this year, Hoogstraten could be… read more


Mouscron Celebrates Its 40th Edition

Belgium has several shows, most of them in Flanders. Kortrijk is probably the most famous, and Brussels is its biggest challenger. Shows in Wallonia have struggled, and some disappeared like La Louvière and Namur. Charleroi is back, but still recovering. Two remaining shows, however, are doing very well: Liège on one side of the linguistic… read more

Best in Show at the Ambiorix Trophy 2013 was awarded to the Cocker Spaniel (American) Galaksi Another One Bites The Dust, owned by Jessica Van Den Boom of the Netherlands. Photos by Karl Donvil.

Ambiorix Trophy 2013 Maintains Entry Numbers

The first show of the year in Belgium, the Ambiorix Trophy in Genk, was almost a nightmare for the committee. Two weeks before the show would take place, little more than 600 entries were registered. That would mean a big financial fiasco for the club, but fortunately the weekend of the closing date ended in… read more

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