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AKC Backs Cruelty Hotline Bill

North Carolina’s Senate Bill 209 aims to establish an animal-welfare hotline and website within the state attorney general’s office as well as a court fee to support the investigation of animal-cruelty violations. The AKC supports this bill and AKC Government Relationssees the proposed law as an important step in safeguarding the health and welfare of… read more


Legislative Update: ‘Pit Bulls’ Targeted in Three Locations

Breed-specific legislation was recently proposed in York County, S.C., after an 11-year-old Rock Hill boy was mauled in late May 2012 by a neighbor’s dog. The youth had reportedly gone to the nearby home to borrow a kitchen item when the dog attacked him, injuring his arm and hand, and tearing away a part of… read more


Legislative Update: Potential Good News for ‘Pit Bulls’ in Florida and Ohio

Summer is typically a less active time of year for new legislation to be proposed or enacted, as many legislative bodies are not in session during the summer months. However, there is a bit of news to report on the legislative front. On July 25, 2012, the American Dog Owners Association reported that the South… read more

USDA/APHIS Extends Deadline for Comments on AWA Changes

The deadline to comment on the proposed regulation changes by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to the Animal Welfare Act has been extended to Aug. 15, 2012. USDA spokesman Dave Sacks indicated he is not aware of the reason for the extension, but did say that with comments still coming in, everyone who wants to… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Update: New Laws May Impact You and Your Dogs

Fanciers today know they have to remain aware of what is going on around the country, as new legislation is proposed on a regular basis that has the potential to impact their relationships with their dogs and how they keep, breed and even show them. Best In Show Daily will now bring readers a biweekly… read more