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Legislative Updates: Dogs on Trains and Bid to Increase Penalties in Pennsylvania

A bill, called the Pets on Trains Act of 2013, was introduced in Congress in May that would, if passed, allow passengers to travel with cats and dogs on select trains operated by Amtrak, the government-subsidized rail system. HR 2066, sponsored by representatives Jeff Denham of California and Steve Cohen of Tennessee, is currently in… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: BSL Withdrawn in Louisiana; More Good News in N.C.

Two weeks ago in Legislative Updates, I reported that legislation that would restrict ownership of certain breeds and impose ownership and breeding limits was under consideration in Westwego, La., a suburb of New Orleans. According to the Times-Picayune, Councilman Glenn Green withdrew the proposal at a City Council meeting on July 8, although he defended… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: Changes to Laws in New York and California, and More

As reported by the ASPCA on June 25, 2013, the New York State Legislature has passed a bill that “gives local governments better tools to regulate puppy mills and pet stores.” Assembly Bill 740 and Senate Bill 3753 are now awaiting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature. According to AKC, breeders who “raise fewer than 25 dogs… read more

Legislative Updates: BSL Around the World

In my last Legislative Updates article, I looked at a couple of locations where breed-specific legislation has been outlawed, and promised to cover studies that have shown the ineffectiveness of BSL, as well as foreign countries that have repealed legislation banning or restricting ownership of certain breeds. First, a quick word regarding the story from… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: An Overview of BSL in the U.S. and Abroad

On Monday, June 3, 2013, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy signed House Bill 6311, “an act prohibiting municipalities from adopting breed-specific dog legislation,” into law. Effective October 1, 2013, local communities may take steps to prevent dogs from running “at large” in the streets and public places, may prevent cruelty to animals and all inhumane sports,… read more

Legislative Updates: Bill Seeking Court-Appointed Pet Advocates Advances

Two weeks ago we reported in Legislative Updates  that in Connecticut, legislation that would create legal representation, or “animal advocates,” for animals had been referred to the state’s Joint Environment Committee. On May 14 the bill was approved by that committee and sent forward with a “joint favorable” designation, meaning that the committee determined that… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: ‘Breeder’ Bill Passes in N.C.

Two weeks ago in my Legislative Updates, I wrote about North Carolina House Bill 956, designed to “regulate the ownership of aggressive dog breeds.” I failed, however, to tell readers about NC House Bill 930, which, according to AKC, “establishes an arbitrary definition of ‘large commercial dog breeder’ that would include individuals who own 10… read more

Legislative Updates: North Carolina Considers BSL

A bill designed to “regulate the ownership of aggressive dog breeds” was filed in North Carolina on April 16, 2013, sponsored by Representative Rodney Moore. House Bill 956 specifically defines “aggressive dog breed” as any of these breeds and dogs that are predominantly any of these breeds: pit bull, including Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers… read more

Legislative Updates: Decision in Texas on ‘Emotional Value’ and More

Back in January I reported in “Legislative Updates: Can Dog Owners Sue for ‘Emotional Value’?” that the Texas Supreme Court had begun looking at whether or not owners can sue for monetary damages if another party is found responsible for the loss of their pet. Medlen v. Strickland originated when a couple’s dog was “mistakenly… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: Increased Activity on Legislative Fronts

A March 26, 2013, meeting at the city of Bluefield, W.V., resulted in standing room only at city hall, as residents showed up to protest additions to breed-specific legislation that was enacted in 2008. Discussion of the 5-year-old law was prompted when the city’s animal control officer was allegedly attacked on March 6 by a… read more

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