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Legislative Updates: Decision in Texas on ‘Emotional Value’ and More

Back in January I reported in “Legislative Updates: Can Dog Owners Sue for ‘Emotional Value’?” that the Texas Supreme Court had begun looking at whether or not owners can sue for monetary damages if another party is found responsible for the loss of their pet. Medlen v. Strickland originated when a couple’s dog was “mistakenly… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: Increased Activity on Legislative Fronts

A March 26, 2013, meeting at the city of Bluefield, W.V., resulted in standing room only at city hall, as residents showed up to protest additions to breed-specific legislation that was enacted in 2008. Discussion of the 5-year-old law was prompted when the city’s animal control officer was allegedly attacked on March 6 by a… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: BSL, Humane Euthanasia Methods and More

As always there are numerous places around the U.S. where breed-specific legislation is being considered and where it is being stringently opposed. The website reported on March 1 that the Rhode Island senator who proposed a statewide restriction on “pit bull type” dogs has withdrawn his bill from the state senate, and that the house… read more


Legislative Updates: Insurance Bills in Maryland and New York; BSL in Rhode Island, Wisconsin and New Mexico

Two weeks ago I reported that the state of Maryland is considering a bill that would prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage to customers based on the breed or size of dog they own. On Thursday, February 28, 2013, the Maryland House Economic Matters Committee will examine the potential new legislation, and AKC is encouraging… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: BSL Success and Concerns, Plus Dog Owners’ Insurance

A look at the AKC’s Legislative Alerts page shows that now that the year is solidly begun, there are more legislative concerns than we’ve seen for the past several months, but also successes in the fight against breed-specific legislation in several locations. While in Michigan in late January, Senator Michael Rush filed a proposal to allow… read more


Legislative Updates: Can Dog Owners Sue for ‘Emotional Value’?

In Austin, Texas, last week, the state’s supreme court began considering whether or not an owner can sue for the “emotional value” of a dog if the animal dies and another party is found responsible. The Dallas Morning News reports that the case was filed after a shelter in Fort Worth “mistakenly euthanized” a dog that… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: End of Year Finds Positive, Negative Developments

The last month of 2012 found numerous locations around the country considering legislation that will potentially have a negative impact on responsible pet ownership. But on December 3 in Chesterfield, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis, the city council approved an amendment to remove breed specific language from its “dangerous animals” ordinance. The previous law… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: Spay/Neuter Proposed in Bibb County, Ga.; N.D. Voters Reject Stiffer Penalties

November is not yet two weeks old and already the American Dog Owners Association has numerous alerts posted on its site that warrant a closer look. Bibb County, Ga., is in the midst of planning for a new animal shelter in the city of Macon, prompting city council member Nancy White to propose an ordinance requiring… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: Ban on Hold in Rhode Island City; Tightened Restrictions in N.J. Town

On October 16, 2012, Woonsocket, R.I., City Council President John Ward introduced a proposed ban on pit bulls in Woonsocket, R.I., a city of about 42,000 people 15 miles north of the capital of Providence. According to the Woonsocket Patch, the ordinance would “ban anyone who does not already own a pitbull from acquiring one.”… read more

Christi McDonald

Legislative Updates: New Jersey Law on Hold; Bill Passes in Pennsylvania

The ownership and breeding limits proposed for Delaware Township, N.J., on which we reported on September 30, 2012, will be returned to first reading following the October 1 meeting of the board of health. AKC reports that, thanks in part to the work of the New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs, AKC and concerned dog owners… read more

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