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Exhibitors 'fragile' after Motorway Horror Crash; Cardigan Corgi Found Unhurt

Due to the enormous concern for Lisa Croft-Elliot, Carrie Russell-Smith and Anastasia Egorova, we will continue to provide updates as they develop. Anastasia “Twinkie” suffered severe injury and remains in ICU with a broken back, collapsed lung and other injuries. If you would like to donate to help offset expenses, the paypal account is… read more


Canine Alliance Holds First Meeting with Kennel Club

On the afternoon of March 28, 2012, three members of the recently formed Canine Alliance¬†met with two representatives of the Kennel Club in Great Britain to air their grievances regarding the breeds that were disqualified from Group competition at Crufts this year. Canine Alliance Secretary Robert Harlow, along with Michael Gadsby and Lisa Croft-Elliott, met… read more