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AKC Reaches Out to New Registrants to Market the Sport 

Recently, a new bundle of Norwegian Elkhound joy named Adele joined our household. It had been years since prepping a puppy for shows was on our calendar. Dutifully, we went to work looking for matches between the loss of sleep, housebreaking havoc and learning to live according to a new puppy’s schedule. The first match… read more


Canine Partners Program Sees 30,000 Entries in Two Years

Thousands of dogs of mixed-breed or unknown pedigree have entered American Kennel Club agility, obedience, rally and coursing ability events more than 30,000 times in the last two years as members of the Canine Partners program. Spayed or neutered mixed-breed dogs, purebred dogs that can’t be registered with the AKC or in its Foundation Stock… read more