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Balance can mean many things, depending on the breed, but the balance of angles in the front and hindquarter, in every breed, is fundamental to correct structure and movement.

Evaluating Dogs – Part II: Balance

One of the foundation principles for evaluating dogs rests on an understanding of what “balance” means. Webster’s defines balance as “a state of bodily equilibrium” or “to bring into or keep in equal or satisfying harmony or proportion.” The AKC “Complete Dog Book” defines balance as “a condition wherein all proportions of a dog are… read more


Evaluating Dogs – Part I: Soundness, Structure and Breed Type

I don’t necessarily consider myself the most knowledgeable dog person in the world regarding every aspect of judging or evaluating dogs, or the best teacher. Numerous books and columns have been written about evaluating dogs, by some of the sport’s most knowledgeable people, including the likes of Anne Rogers Clark, Jane and Bob Forsyth, Pat… read more