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In flyball, as in many dog sports, owners must restrain their dogs to keep them from taking off too soon. Here a dog is released to take his jumps, grab his ball and return. Photo courtesy of Leerie Jenkins.

My Favorite Things: Performance Event Videos

One of the great parts of my job is writing about the amazing dogs and people who compete in agility, flyball, lure coursing, dock jumping and other performance events. As an added bonus, I often come across videos of these trials and competitions. Some videos are professionally done. Others almost look professional. And still others… read more


My Favorite Things: Dogs Under the Tables

Yes, I know it’s a controversial subject. Not like breed-specific legislation or mandatory spay-neuter, of course. Yet many people still think dogs should not be allowed on restaurant patios, and many municipalities forbid it. But since our audience is virtually all dog lovers, I thought it might be safe to broach this topic. Over the… read more

“Choosing the Right Dog: A Buyer’s Guide to All 121 Breeds” is a dog book written with the late 20th-century consumer in mind.

My Favorite Things: A Late 20th-Century Dog Book

I enjoy a good book, especially a good dog book. My office shelves are lined with volumes that cover a wide variety of canine-related themes, from New York Times best sellers to obscure German breed club yearbooks. Most were purchased in stores or online, but a few are signed copies of first editions discovered through… read more


My Favorite Things – A Sussex Spaniel Sketch

Art class was something I always enjoyed as a child. Like many kids, the possibility presented by a blank piece of paper and a pencil was too much for me to resist. I’d spend hours drawing all sorts of pictures – mostly buildings and animals – and plenty of dogs. When children create art, their… read more


My Favorite Things – A Floor Mat that Works

Keeping happy housedogs along with a clean house can seem like mutually exclusive propositions. When the previous owners updated the kitchen of our circa 1920s house, I don’t think they considered the impact a couple of active dogs would have on the renovation. Although the improvements helped to transform the room from an old-school canteen… read more


My Favorite Things – the Early Morning Dog Show

I like the early morning hours. Before the sun comes up, there’s a calm stillness to the air that’s filled with quiet anticipation. This is especially so on dog show days, when the alarm goes off at four a.m. and I’m on the road long before sunrise. With the dogs and their gear loaded and… read more


My Favorite Things – The Virgin Shows

I have a confession to make: I went to my first dog show in my 40s, less than a decade ago. I didn’t grow up in a showing or breeding family, though I was raised with a lot of dogs. Going to dog shows just never made it onto my agenda. But ever since my… read more


My Favorite Things – My Canon

Don’t let your eyes deceive you. Yes, that does say Canon, not cannon! I’ve always had an interest in taking photos, but it wasn’t until four years ago that I got my first professional digital camera. With my Canon Rebel Kiss, my love for photography grew, and I started to learn the ins and outs… read more


My Favorite Things – the Carefree Whelping Room

When my Irish Water Spaniel bitch came in season last summer, I decided to breed her for the first time. She was 5 years old and in great shape, and I felt that if she was ever going to contribute to the gene pool in a lasting way, the time had come. While the search… read more


My Favorite Things: A Navy Blue Blazer

On many occasions, gentlemen are expected to wear a jacket and tie. Weddings, funerals and interviews come to mind, although rules governing such things have long been in question and “Casual Fridays” have been forcing custom tailors to retire early for decades now. Dog shows, of course, are another place where men still wear jackets…. read more

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