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The Whole Story

Master blogger Billy Wheeler has been telling “The Back Story” to Best In Show Daily readers since the year began. From his ringside reporting to his book reviews, Billy brings the world of the show dog to life with an inimitable voice that makes everyone feel like an insider. The thousands of devotees who read… read more

A Spectacular of Specialties - Doberman

A Spectacular of Specialties

The eyes of the dog world are fixed on metropolitan New York this weekend as fanciers gather for an endless array of meetings, parties, benefits and awards ceremonies. Each event celebrates the diversity of the purebred dog and the community of people that promotes their preservation. From Long Island to the New Jersey Meadowlands and… read more

Schedule—Pre-Westminster Specialty Shows - NYSpec_1

Schedule—Pre-Westminster Specialty Shows

Several dozen specialty shows will be held this weekend as prelude to next week’s Westminster Kennel Club dog show. These shows are staged in and around Manhattan and are listed below for easy reference. Times when specialties begin are noted where available. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2012 At New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania Penn Plaza Pavilion, on… read more