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The ‘Runny Nose’ That Isn’t ‘Just a Cold’

Aspergillus spores are everywhere – in the soil, in plant material, even in dust. We breathe them in every day, and so do our dogs. Most of the time, we never know it. Neither do they. But if we are unwell, with a compromised immune system, and the spores get stuck in any of our… read more

North Carolina CERT member Theresa Cummings and her Bloodhound ‘Rebel’ accept a check from Raleigh KC president Pat Babuin and treasurer Bill Pfeiffer. Photo by Cary Manaton.

Raleigh Kennel Club Gives Back

Before Best in Show judging at the Raleigh Kennel Club show on Sunday, Sept. 2, 2012, club president Pat Babuin, accompanied by treasurer Bill Pfeiffer, made three presentations to local organizations on behalf of the club. The first, a check for $1,000, was presented to the North Carolina Canine Emergency Response Team, an all-volunteer group of… read more


Tick Disease Info Is Better, but Prevention Is Still Key

Tick disease isn’t as simple as it appeared to be a decade ago. Researchers and clinicians have learned a lot more about the many bacteria, referred to as “pathogens,” that cause the various diseases. And veterinarians now have access to much better diagnostic tools, such as DNA tests that can tell you not only that… read more