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BOS in Miniatures, the black dog at center, Ch. Karadale Clarion Born This Way, was handled by Dan Giles.

Fancy That: Poodle Club of America 2013

It’s likely that most people who are sentimental about their breeds feel that the gathering of the clan, so to speak, each year at their National Specialty is a unique and special time, which is no doubt true. Many probably also feel that their parent club show itself is so well done and the entry… read more

In 1978 a puppy Bill bred and handled, Misty Ridges Hot Rocks, was Winners Dog at just 9 months of age at Poodle Club of America’s regional specialty, from the Bred-by class. Sired by Bill’s Ch. Dacun’s Blu Mecca, the puppy was co-bred and owned by Kathleen Champa. Photo by Olson, courtesy of Poodle Variety.

In Memoriam: Bill Cunningham

When Poodle Club of America’s National Specialty classes begin next Wednesday, one member in particular will be very much missed. Bill Cunningham was the vice president of PCA when he passed away on April 5, but to those who have known him during his more than 50 years in dogs, he was much more than… read more


PCA's Field Weekend – The Start of the Greatest Show on Earth

Editor’s note: The Poodle was originally developed in Germany as a water retriever, and the Standard is the original size, used to locate game and retrieve shot birds on land and water. Like other hunting breeds, many Poodles retain the hunting instinct, and owners can test their dogs’ instincts and abilities at hunt tests. The… read more

Christi McDonald

The Greatest Poodle Show on Earth

For many years, Poodle Club of America members, and indeed most Poodle fanciers, have thought of our National Specialty as “The Greatest Poodle Show on Earth.” We can even be accused of calling it the “Greatest Show on Earth,” and people from other breeds that come each year to watch PCA might agree. It is… read more

The Top Best-in-Show-Winning Non-Sporting Dog of All Time - NonSportingTreson_1-3tb

The Top Best-in-Show-Winning Non-Sporting Dog of All Time

By Christi McDonald Editor’s note: Determining the top AKC winners in any category is an inexact science. We explain why in a companion article: Biggest BIS Winner Tough to Call.   Professional handlers Dennis McCoy and Randy Garren showed the white Standard Poodle, CH Whisperwind On A Carousel, to more than 100 Best in Shows, including the top… read more