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When a Dog Is Called…to Surf

Ricochet apparently always knew her mission in life, but it took her partner in philanthropy, Judy Fridono, a while to figure that out and to learn that if she paid attention to the Golden Retriever’s behavior, she could accompany the dog on her path. That meant giving up on the puppy becoming a service dog… read more

Cancer Research Gets $1.5 Million Boost

Canine cancer questions got $1.5 million closer to some answers last week when the AKC Canine Health Foundation and the Golden Retriever Foundation jointly awarded grants totaling that amount to two projects which will collaboratively research how lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma get started and spread in Golden Retrievers. Lymphoma, cancer of the lymphatic system, strikes one in eight… read more

Mondioring Is a Hard, but Fun, Sport

Sometimes I think I know at least something about every possible canine sport in America. Then I interview a dog owner who, in the course of the conversation, mentions one that I have no clue about. Such was the case when I talked with Amy Peterson about her dog dock jumping at the Incredible Dog… read more


UKC Premier Logs 8,000 Entries for 2013 Event

The United Kennel Club has received 8,000 entries for the 20th annual UKC Premier  set for June 13 through 16, 2013, in Kalamazoo, Mich. Those entries will be spread over conformation events and obedience, rally obedience and agility trials. In addition, dogs will be competing in weight-pull, lure-coursing, dock-jumping and lure-coursing events, plus Terrier racing…. read more

GSD Atopic Dermatitis Gene Is No Panacea

Last week’s headline, “Researchers identify gene associated with eczema in dogs,” on the AlphaGalileo Foundation website, got me excited. Having researched atopic dermatitis for an article last September, I immediately imagined what this could mean for dog owners everywhere. However, as is often the case with headlines, the story revealed a less promising tale – not… read more

Sunny Florida Welcomes Incredible Dog Challenge

Sixty dogs, their trainers and bleachers full of spectators enjoyed a full day of canine competition on May 4 in St. Petersburg, Fla., at the eastern regional of the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge. Agility, dock jumping, JRT racing, flying disc and weave-pole racing brought the challenge, while the venue and climate provided the… read more

Five-year-old Bulldog Erma is part of a trial to determine whether a cancer vaccine is safe. Nicola Mason, B.V.M., of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine is leading the trial. Photos courtesy of University of Pennsylvania.

Pet Dogs Help Test Cancer Vaccine

A dozen or so dogs will be part of the first test of whether a vaccine may eventually be used to treat osteosarcoma, a cancer which ultimately kills almost all dogs treated for it. Right now, six dogs with osteosarcoma have been vaccinated at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. All dogs have… read more

Rand Siekert gives Drew a high five after earning his Preferred Agility Champion title. After Drew’s surgery to remove his right eye, he had trouble perceiving height jumps, so he moved to the Preferred class.Photo by DynamicDog.

One-Eyed Basenji Earns String of Titles

Linda Daves Siekert might be a certified veterinary technician and the treasurer of the Basenji Club of America, but those are only sidelines because she’s been “physically owned” by Basenjis since 1994. Despite that admission, Linda says it was the breed’s lack of a traditional bark that set her on the path to a life… read more

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Preventives and Improved Treatment Haven’t Stopped Heartworm Spread

You’d think that years of research, the availability of easy-to-administer preventives and better, safer treatment would help put a damper on the spread of heartworm disease in dogs. They haven’t. Today danger is in virtually every corner of the United States (to see maps of incidence from 2001, 2004 and 2007, click here) and more… read more


Beagles Swarm Ohio Town for UKC Hunting Beagle Nationals

Hunting Beagle enthusiasts returned to Cochocton, Ohio, in April for the fourth year to compete in and attend the United Kennel Club Hunting Beagle Nationals. Little did they know they’d be witnesses to a little bit of history too. At the end of three days of hunting in the area of the friendly town of… read more

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