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Moving Beyond Medication for Osteoarthritis

It’s always hard to watch our dogs age – even when they’re healthy. Many dogs, however, and their owners will face the same diagnosis as they age – osteoarthritis. Sometimes we write it off to our beloved canines simply slowing down as they get older, but it’s a mistake to do that, says Darryl Millis,… read more

Guin poses with mixed breed Nick, who plays “Stan” on Disney Channel’s “Dog with a Blog” and Francesca Capaldi, who plays Chloe James. Photos courtesy of Guin Dill.

Meet Steve and Guin: They Manage Animal Actors’ Careers

Life is crazy in the house that Steve Solomon and Guin Dill share in California’s Santa Clarita Valley. Not only does the couple live there, but their company’s office is there, as are about 40 animals of many species – dogs, cats, birds, snakes, insects and fish. Why would anyone – other than zookeepers –… read more

Intact Dogs Most Often Die from Infection or Trauma

It’s long been acknowledged – and in some cases it’s quite obvious – that sterilized dogs and bitches won’t get certain diseases. After all, if a dog has no testicles, it’s not going to get testicular cancer. But now, as many are questioning the practice of sterilizing pet dogs prior to 4 to 6 months… read more

Dogs Blessed at Museum of the Dog

About 30 dogs had a special outing in St. Louis last weekend to the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog for a Blessing of the Animals. Such events are held around the country in the spring or fall each year, often on the grounds of churches and in city parks. The dogs’ human companions who… read more

With Homeopathy, ‘Like Cures Like’

Homeopathy just might be the dark horse of nontraditional, or complementary, veterinary care. Its basic concept can be difficult for the uninitiated to even grasp, let alone consider as viable. But its advocates – both practitioners and beneficiaries – can’t imagine helping dogs and other animals to good health without it. It involves administering a… read more

Sniper’s Raging Thunder, owned by Chris Gilmer of Delight, Ark., and handled by John Stuart, earned the title 2013 UKC Squirrel Dog World Champion last month in Tell City, Ind. Photo © UKC.

Young Dog Wins UKC Squirrel Dog Title

The UKC Squirrel Dog World Championship was a good event for all of the hunters entered, but it was particularly spectacular for Chris Gilmer of Delight, Ark. Three dogs that he owns or co-owns placed in the top 10 during the two-day event early last month in Tell City, Ind. Two of those dogs took… read more

A veterinary surgeon at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, Nick Trout has written three other books, all non-fiction. Photo by Deborah Feingold.

Veterinary Surgeon Pens First Work of Fiction

Nick Trout, M.A., Vet. M.B., just might be the new James Herriot. A board-certified veterinary surgeon at Angell Medical Center in Boston, he specializes in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. But since 2009, he’s also been writing books about life as a veterinarian. His first was “Tell Me Where It Hurts: A Day of Humor,… read more

Many of the dogs took the food during each of their four tests when both the food and the experimenter were in the dark.

Study Says Dogs May Understand Human Perspective

Researchers in the United Kingdom have raised the possibility that dogs take into account a person’s ability to see food when they make a decision whether to eat it, based on three tests of different sets of dogs. According to lead researcher Juliane Kaminski, Ph.D., a lecturer in psychology at the University of Portsmouth in… read more

Winners in each height division of the National Agility Championship pose with AKC Chief Operating Officer Daryl Hendricks, at left, and AKC Vice President of Performance and Companion Events Doug Ljungren, at right. Photo © American Kennel Club.

First AKC Companion Events Extravaganza Draws 1,600-plus Dogs

Almost 1,700 dogs, along with their owners, support teams and fans, descended on Tulsa, Okla., earlier this month for the inaugural American Kennel Club Companion Events Extravaganza, which combined obedience, agility and rally in one venue. Both AKC Director of Agility Carrie DeYoung and Pamela Manaton, who is the director of obedience, rally and tracking,… read more


Jean Dodds, D.V.M., Advocates for Vaccination Caution

Almost 300 dog owners tuned in to a webinar last week to hear Jean Dodds, D.V.M., talk about “New Life-Changing Vaccination Protocols.” Although recommended protocols – for dogs at least – haven’t changed since 2011 when the American Animal Hospital Association released revised guidelines developed by its Canine Vaccination Task Force, owners and veterinarians have been… read more

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