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Breeder Buzzwords – The Brussels Griffon

In the 1997 film, “As Good as It Gets,” a little dog, named Verdell, manages to steal the show from his Academy Award-winning co-star. The tiny Toy is a Brussels Griffon, and the movie’s box office success introduced audiences to the charms of the delightfully energetic Belgian breed – very much at Jack Nicholson’s expense…. read more

Breeder Buzzwords – The Toy Fox Terrier

Bigger is not always better in dogs, especially among the companion and Toy breeds that provide canine comfort in small doses. Scaled down versions of familiar breeds, such as Spaniels and Greyhounds, have delighted fanciers for millennia. From Beijing to Boston, diminutive dogs provide solace and entertainment for people of every class. In the U.S.,… read more

Breeder Buzzwords – The Maltese

Domestic dogs descended over millennia in various parts of the world from wolves, and the relationship of some purebreds with their ancient ancestors is easy to recognize even today. What’s less obvious is the pedigree that connects the wildest of canines to the little white dogs that have inhabited various islands around the world for… read more


Breeder Buzzwords – The Papillon

The royal houses of Europe were home to miniaturized dogs of many breeds, and perhaps none was more trusted as a canine-in-waiting than the Continental Toy Spaniel. So beloved was the little dog that court painters captured its likeness alongside those of kings and queens, and it is through these masterpieces that the legacy of… read more


Breeder Buzzwords – The Silky Terrier

What do you get when you cross an Australian Terrier with a Yorkshire Terrier? Well, during the turn of the last century, dog lovers Down Under discovered the answer in their search to improve color in the former through introductions of the latter. The active canine companion that resulted is the spirited little dog known… read more


Breeder Buzzwords – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Spaniels were developed in Britain as specialist hunters, originally classified by weight and color. The smallest of their kind were known as “comforter” Spaniels that principally enjoyed a life of leisure among society’s well-to-do families. The ancestors of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel found entrée into royal circles. In the 17th century, the companionable little… read more


Breeder Buzzwords – The Miniature Pinscher

When it comes to our canine companions, a dog’s physical size and its sense of self can often seem disproportionate. Large dogs are often gentle giants, content to go through life as living, breathing throw rugs. On the other hand, small dogs with no shortage of self-esteem often manage to govern everyone around them with… read more