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Sparx, a Border Collie from Windsor, Colo., jumped farther than any other dog during the 11 distance jumps held by Splash Dogs. He leapt 24 feet for his owner, Ken Hauff. Photo by Michael Curran, © ClickerLogic. //link “ClickerLogic” to //

Agility Dogs and Handlers Meet in Colorado for 2012 USDAA Event

A colorful, tent-filled nine acres of grass and turf greeted 900 agility dogs and 600 handlers for the USDAA World Cynosport Games in Commerce City, Colo. Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, about 20 miles west of the airport in Denver, was the site for the annual competition, which also features other canine sports. “The outdoor venue… read more

USDAA President Never Planned a Career in Dogs

Kenneth Tatsch can weave, jump through hoops and balance a teeter totter as well as even a top agility dog. He has to. It’s all part of his job as the president of the United States Dog Agility Association. While dogs are dashing around agility courses all over the United States and in other countries,… read more