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Whippet Safe After Quarry Fall During U.K. Welsh Kennel Club

A Whippet is recovering at home after escaping from a caravan at Welsh Kennel Club Ch show and falling into a 90ft deep quarry filled with water and silt. Clive and Barbara Pugh’s Rearsbylea Starlite at Ishkamun (Mab) managed to get out of a partly-open but fastened window and run into the showground where attempts to catch… read more

United Kingdom KC Chair Gives Annual ‘State of Nation’ Address

Every year at the Welsh Kennel Club championship show in August, the chairman of the United Kingdom Kennel Club  gives what is styled as a “state of the nation” address. At a dinner on the Friday night of the show weekend, the KC chairman addresses the issues at hand and sums up how the KC sees… read more