For over 100 days now, I have been sharing the back stories from the world of AKC dog shows with you here at Best In Show Daily. I actually started my association with BISD back in December just before I went to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando, FL. Since then, I have been at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs shows, the Westminster Kennel Club show, the Kentuckiana Cluster & the Sacramento Kennel Club show. By the end of the year, I hope to visit every area of the U.S., with trips planned to the Great Lakes region, the Great Plains states, the Pacific Northwest, New England, the Mid-Atlantic & the Deep South.

Having been involved in several large development projects in my career, I have been impressed with how much this talented group of people here at BISD has accomplished in such a short time. I built my reputation at Dog Show Poop by delivering timely information in an entertaining manner. However, DSP is a one-man shop. BISD is a perfectly balanced team of Internet professionals, experienced dog folk & a first-class editorial staff. The coverage they have provided at the season’s major events thus far has set the standard for all others to follow. BISD has also provided informative and detailed information on a variety of subjects of interest to dog people.

Here at The Back Story, I have given you a mix of opinion, analysis, show results & straight-up news. My visits to the shows have multiple goals.

  • First & foremost, I hope to see the dogs I haven’t seen or heard about. It’s easy for folks in the dog game to forget that there are dog shows in the dark recesses of the North American interior. That was the idea behind DSP’s DOGS2WATCH.
  • I want to see, and maybe even touch, the dogs I have heard about. Happily, they are almost always as wonderful as I have heard.
  • I also want to meet the people behind the dogs. While meeting the dogs is a delight to the senses, meeting the people is nourishment for the intellect. Have you ever noticed just when you start to feel comfortable with your level of knowledge, you talk to someone who knows so much more?
  • Finally, I find that you can’t give the people what they want if you don’t ask them what they want.

So I hope you all will tell me what you want to know about…and what you’ve heard enough about ;-). We want to keep you here on BISD. However, we still want you to visit us over on Dog Show Poop. It’s the biggest one-two punch in the dog game. And that’s today’s Back Story.