On Monday, the 12th of February was the start of the Westminster Dog Show in New York City, beyond the glamour and glitter of  the advertisements that cover Times Square to the great view of the Hudson and the city skyline from the piers, Westminster is an important event that starts from the piers and ends in Madison Square Garden and holds excitement like the bright city itself. Westminster is the main goal for both juniors and handlers alike, being the elite of the elite in all dog related events and a celebration of all dogs at peak condition and performance. A fierce competition,  minutes pass with the heart pounding as the judge looks for the dog that fits best to standard and to continue on towards Madison Square Garden in groups while being on TV and under a huge crowd. During the day of the show the competition is with the breeds, this took place in the Pier 92, you get the view of the Hudson and the slow sunrise on the parking deck and can see boats prowl the water, as you go inside you see the many rings set up, and below that lays the main grooming and the larger breed rings, it is inside the pier that you see the many camera crews, news media, handlers, juniors, and breeders all moving like the traffic within New York City. It is easy to be swept up, and just as easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of wonder that this event holds, just like being stunned at seeing the billboards and the neon suns of Time Square, you can get just as stunned looking down the pathway of breeds and crowds. You meet new people, and those you already knew but each moment of the opening day is filled with excitement as the hounds, toy, non-sporting, and herding dogs competed, and seeing the winners of their groups compete against each other to continue to Tuesday night for the chance of earning Best in Show.

How does one describe Madison Square Garden during Westminster especially on Tuesday, where it is the night of best in show? It is a thrill and stunning to see the green turf and above you sits the huge crowd, in front of you sits the media and the judge. You go out on to the turf like it is a great theater, and like an actor you go through your rehearsed roles, listening to the judge tell you where to do your down and back as you make sure your dog look like the best representation of the group you are participating in. In the end you line up with other participants and hear the judge make her picks and under the bright lights she makes her choice, the crowd claps and whistles like how they responded to the commercials and the dogs on the turf. This year they made reserved best in show, and then best in show.

Reserved best in show for 2018:

GCH CH Ingebar’s Tynan Dances With Wildflowers, a Giant Schnauzer known as “Ty,” owned by Sandra Nordstrom & Carol Mann & Maryann Bisceglia.

Best in show for 2018:

GCHP CH Belle Creek’s All I Care About Is Love, a Bichon Frise known as “Flynn,” owned by Patrina & Bruce Odette & Lindsay Van Keuren & Lorrie Carlton & L Letsche DVM.