This week, Krews Reviews takes on indestructible collars, people-treats that are vegan, kosher & all-natural friendly, a “fresh” line of shampoos & cleaners, All-American made & cleverly named dog treats, and a terrific line of garment bags with a special offer for any Best In Show Daily reader. You’ll want to read each review as all of Krews Reviews products have been thoroughly tested by the Krew. And often, Krews Reviews includes surprises you won’t want to miss.

Kiss My Mutt ($18-$22)

Coastal Collection

All my dogs wear buckle collars! Collars allow for playing, pulling one up for reprimand quickly, and of course, handy for displaying their tags and county license, a must in Los Angeles.

Two years ago, I had been regularly replacing leather buckle collars on my French Bulldog because my younger pup would routinely pull the latest one off for immediate destruction. When she began her show career, my sister convinced me the flat leather collars could break the coat – it never did – and that I should get a rolled collar. You know, one of those rounded, sewn leather collars. I found one on eBay, in pink, the Frenchie’s signature color and thought it was a fantastic investment.

I ordered this “rolled leather” collar and during play with her BFF Stafford it lodged behind her bottom canines. In the panic and confusion, the Frenchie practically strangled. That collar went right to my sister’s house. And I began a quest to find the perfect, non-destructible collar, that wouldn’t “break the coat” of the Frenchie. Kiss My Mutt offered the perfect solution. Created by two Santa Barbara sisters – Jennifer and Kristen–they have an extensive line of collars that met the goals of indestructiblity, no coat breaking. I prefer the Braided Collar, their “Coastal Collection,” made with durable nylon cording and including my preferred buckle. This collar has stood the test of bull-pull time. Yes its frayed, but as you can see, it doesn’t break her coat, fits loosely across her shoulders. My preferred collar placement in case it does get caught, they can easily pull out of it. Happily, it is the only collar my Stafford pup hasn’t been able to destroy.

Coastal Collection Collar after play – beat-up, frayed but still intact!

GoPicnic ($4.99)

At the recent City of Industry shows, I had my one class bitch entered, searching for that single point to finish, spay and retire her. With only one dog to show, it was a perfect opportunity to review GoPicnic’s, a new dog show snack discovery for me.

Love them! The taste test included Turkey Slices & Cheddar and Hickory Farms Beef, Cheese & Crackers which included nuts, cheese, meat, crackers, a dessert and fruits. The packaging is handily small, great for the hectic pace of dog shows, is a complete meal and filling. High quality, delicious, easy to store – no refrigeration required, two easily fit in my backpack for the day. Ridiculousness!

GoPicnic was created by a mother who needed snacks for air travel. She founded the company so that the airlines could provide small, healthy meals for purchase that are compact, and attractive to the consumer. I say it’s a small, perfect meal to have in every tack box!

You will all love GoPicnic’s simplicity. They also cater to our gluten-free, vegan, kosher and all-natural exhibitors. Each meal contains less than 500 calories. I cannot say enough about this product line for those of us on the road or at shows for the day. Variety, choose from: Sunbutter & Crackers, Black Bean Dip & Plantain Chips, Peanut Butter & Crackers, Hummus & Crackers, Salami & Cheese, and for the adventurous, there are edamame, pepita & watermelon seed blend-awesome.

GoPicnic is the pioneer of pre-packaged, ready-to-eat meals that require no refrigeration or preparation. Several of the meals are gluten-free, which means that consumers who are sensitive to gluten can savor the foods they love in a convenient package. Meals include five products including a fruit, protein, whole grains and a sweet treat for dessert.

TrueBlue Pet Products ($13.99-$14.99)

Cocker Spaniel having TrueBlue worked into her coat

I have known Doug of TrueBlue for years and he has always been wonderful in getting me their latest products. I use the Super Fresh Dog Shampoo made with grapefruit and chamomile monthly on all my mutts. Ring-side prep includes their wipes for clean eyes, ears, mouth’s and yes, butts.

Stock up on Fast and Fresh Dental Swipes made with peppermint, parsley, and baking soda, Super Easy Ear Wipes made with lemon, marigold, aloe vera and green tea or the Safe and Sure Eye Wipes made of cucumber, witch hazel and chamomile. Super-safe, I use any of the variety because you can wipe anywhere!

My sister and a few of her cocker friends are not going to be happy when I out their secret coat sauce! They love the Easy Comb Detangling Spray made of lavender, olive extract, and Pro-Vitamin B. She brushes her English Cockers out every morning and on two mornings of the week, she sprays in TrueBlue and rebrushes through the coat. The Cockers are bathed every weekend, BUT should she miss a weekend, she uses the TrueBlue every other day in the 2nd week until they get bathed. Great for young dogs & puppies too since Cocker puppies typically blow coat around eleven months. TrueBlue is blown in to help prevent matting especially under sensitive armpits where they tend to web, and in the chest area. She also added her helpful hint, “It is really good for bitches in heat who have coat, “I spray daily in their coated potty area and also in their loin hair before I put the diaper on to avoid matting from the friction of the diaper.”

Personally, I’m glad I have a wash n’wear breed…

Front Porch Pets, Inc ($5.49-$14.99)

Sam’s Yams Dog Chews

I don’t know about you, but there is no way I am trusting some imported-made-in-China product for my dogs. Definitely not in the last 5 years and not anytime in the future. There I said it – “No way!”. I am not a fan of rawhides. My Staffords tend to make them soft and gooey, and like kids and gum, they try to swallow it but it ends up lodged in their throats or jerky, they’d like to eat that whole please “thank you so very much.” I like the natural treat trends from what I call the civilian dog owners. The market is exploding with sensible, healthy, safe treats for dogs.

My bulls have tried and loved Sam’s Yams, made from 100% family farm grown sweet potatoes. Totally healthy, totally digestible and an excellent nutritional chew, kudos to the guy who decided to dehydrate sweet potatoes for his dog! The Bichon Fries, cut like just like french fries, are excellent to toss after a meal or as a snack. Perfect for smaller breeds as a chew, or a treat for medium dogs. They have a medium size, the Veggie Rawhide, preferred by the Krew, made of whole thick slabs of dehydrated sweet potato. The chews have a hard surface, excellent for dental health, and a gnawsomeness that dogs love. Note: all Sam’s Yams Dog Chews are particularly well suited for senior dogs whose teeth and gums are more sensitive.
Your large dogs will love Big Boyz. Each slice is perforated to assist in the dehydration process, with a hard surface providing natural dental benefits, yet with a texture similar to rawhide. Big Boyz have a nutritional value of half of a large sweet potato. These are not your imported jerky treats! These are all-American-grown and made-safe staples.

Their line includes pumpkin cookies . These are great bait and training treats! They have great small size crunchy cookies—including ingredients like carrots, berries, apples—all natural, safe and again made in the good old US of A!

Green Garmento ($5.99 – $12.99)

You will see me at every show toting a Green Garmento protecting my suit jacket and show shoes. The Green Garmento is a full service garment bag, available in two lengths, created as an eco-friendly dry cleaning alternative to those plastic sheet covers. Simply put your dry-cleaning in the Garmento as it accumulates, deliver to your dry cleaner, and your guy will hand it back to you encased in the Green Garmento. The creator and company owner Jennie is not only a lovely friend of mine now, but owns a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog!

Garmento all-in-one garment, laundry, tote bag

Green Garmento excels in other uses, too. It is the perfect dog show dirty laundry bag; perfect for the hotel room during clusters. I arrive at the hotel with all my suits in the Garmento. Remove, and it turns into a laundry bag. I take a second one to the show holding the days clothing. That turns into an onsite laundry bag. You never know who’s going to get sick, dirty a bed, or need fresh towels after bathing. The bag’s layout is awesome! Nothing was overlooked: Green Garmento features:

  • •a zipper on the side for the suit access at a show
  • •a drawstring at the bottom to seal up,
  • •a bottom compartment for wet clothing or to keep your shoes separated,   handles at both ends
  • •breathable, water-resistant, hello rainy shows!
  • •a long strap to act as a duffle.

It’s an onsite dog show suit protector, hamper, duffle bag. I have outfitted a couple of my handler friends with a few of these for weekends like the Mission Circuit. Nightly they collect the dirty items, bag them, and toss ‘em into the truck, refreshing everyone’s bedding and towels for the next day. At the end of the weekend, they have four filled Garmento’s of dog laundry to take home and wash for the next show.

Green Garmento recently expanded their collection with my new favorite product their Box Bag, great for grocery totes, shopping at the dog show, or transporting dog food at the show, it’s free-standing with a supported bottom, handy side pocket, handles and shoulder straps! Then they stoked me with the Gargantote! A double-sized version of the Box Bag, outfitted with a drawstring up top, expandable in height, handles, and two sets of shoulder straps. I love me some Green Garmento! If you see me at a show, just ask, I may have a spare one and I love to share my Green Garmento’s!

The Gargantote

Need a specialty raffle or giveaway, hospitality gift? Green Garmento will silk-screen your club’s logo on any on their items and have a bevy of colors!

Oh yea, thanks for reading to the bottom! Because you’ve made it all the way here, there’s a special offer for you:

If you would like to get your own Green Garmento items, they are offering a Krew Koupon Kode for 50% off, and one flat shipping fee of $4.95, no matter how many items. Here are the details:

Kode: KREW50
50% off entire store
Shipping and tax not included
1 use per customer
Valid Until December 20th
Subject to change

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