People think of the Northeast and West Coast as hotbeds of dog show activity and normally they are. However, this week, fanciers will look elsewhere for their weekly show fix. There are 22 all-breed shows this week in nine different areas from Florida to Hawaii. While most are of the traditional two-day variety, there are four show clusters in two of the states.

The lone East Coast offering this week is in Hilton Head, SC, where the hometown Hilton Head Island Kennel Club will host two shows this weekend. Floridians will get a shot at a split four-show weekend starting tomorrow. The first two days, the Okaloosa Kennel Club will set up in Fort Walton Beach, after which the whole crowd will move to Pensacola for two days with the Pensacola Dog Fanciers Association.

Great Lakes residents have their pick of the Detroit (MI) Kennel Club’s two-day offering or a weekend in West Allis, WI, with the Wisconsin Kennel Club. In the Midwest, exhibitors will be at Purina Farms outside St. Louis, MO, for Saturday & Sunday with the Belle-City Kennel Club. Here in my area, the Tupelo Kennel Club will be in Verona, MS, for the weekend.

The only offering in the Great Plains states is the Faith City Kennel Club of Wichita Falls weekend in that Texas town. Scottsdale, AZ, will capitalize as the only show site for 900 miles, offering dog lovers four all-breed shows and an all-Terrier limited-breed show. The Sun Country Terrier Club show is up first tomorrow, followed by the Scottsdale Dog Fanciers Association’s two shows and the Superstition Kennel Club’s twofer. Finally, our fellow fanciers in Paradise will be enjoying the beautiful dogs in beautiful Honolulu, HI, with the Hawaiian Kennel Club.

Post Oscar weekend, you can still see the stars come out. Take in an AKC dog show. And that’s today’s back story.