There’s an old saying that goes, “A family that plays together, stays together.” The intentions of this adage obviously was meant to be about humans and for humans, but for a group of Beagle-loving USDAA competitors, this saying holds true for them too.

This “family” consists of Jan Weiher and Hootie, Diane Dittrich and Timber and Tracey Roth and Codex  a family of friends who love and adore Beagles.


In 2007, Jan Weiher had a litter of pups with her wonderful Beagle, Hootie. One of the male pups ended up with her friend Diane Dittrich, who named the pup Timber. As Timber grew up, Jan continually encouraged Diane to try USDAA with Timber, but Diane was pursuing other dreams, and USDAA did not fit into these dreams at the time.


In 2011, Jan and Hootie earned their ADCh on a tough Gamblers course, becoming only the fourth Beagle to ever earned this amazing title.

In 2013, Diane’s Timber sired a litter of pups with one of Tracey Roth’s Beagles. Tracey kept one of the boys because he reminded her of Diane’s boy Hootie. Tracey had watched and admired Diane and Timber over the years and dreamed of one day owning a dog as wonderful as Timber.

Tracey named her boy Codex, which is Latin for chunk of wood, in honor of his daddy, Timber.

As Codex grew up and began training in agility, Tracey continued to needle Diane to try USDAA. Diane still had reservations since she wasn’t familiar with Snooker and Gamblers courses, but since Tracey was a successful and seasoned USDAA competitor, Tracey promised to help Diane learn how to play these games.


All the prodding and training paid off, much to the delight of Tracey and Jan.

In August of 2015, Diane and Timber finished their ADCh on of all things, a Gamblers course. Timber also became the first male Beagle and sixth Beagle overall to earn the ADCh title. This also created a second generation of ADCh Beagles.

Also in 2015, Tracey and Codex started their agility career together. To Tracey’s delight, Codex proved to be almost as talented as his father, Timber. On January 14, 2017 Tracey and Codex earned their ADCh&on you guessed it, a Gamblers course, making them the ninth Beagle team to earn this title and creating three generation of ADCh Beagles.

To top it off, a few weeks later Tracey and Diane ran a father and son Masters Pairs class. Check out the video.

Congratulations to all three competitors and your success and being part of USDAA history!

Tracey Roth has also earned an ADCH and LAA Bronze with another non-traditional breed. You can read more about Kamikaze here.

Photo Credits: Codex: Kevin Devine Photography, Hootie: Michael Loftis, Timber: Great Dane Photos