While The Krew is not heading to the Garden this year, they did want to share some of their fav products for their followers. From yummy dog treats to luggage to travel clocks to tired feet to fancy socks, there’s a thoughtful recommendation for you. As with all their recommendations, The Krew only endorses products they use – or eat! – and are not paid for their reviews. Be sure to read to the end for Special programs.

TREATS! TREATS! The Krew loves treats. They’ve prioritized snacks for gifting or giving to your favorite show dog.
With Love Ivan (prices vary)

With Love Ivan – Treats

With Love Ivan is an East Coast mobile doggie boutique and treat shoppe, specializing in “pupcakes”, doggie “edible arrangements” and doggie cakes. Conceived by Dina DelRusso and dedicated to her Siberian Husky, Ivan, the Mobile Doggie Boutique & Treat shoppe services the Hoboken, NJ area as well as statewide events in New Jersey & New York. They will be at Westminster. Watch for their new product launch and of course, there will samples for snacking.

All treats along are human and Krew sampled (note: if I can stand it.) The Peanut Butter & Pumpkin, Peanut Butter & Oatmeal and Peanut Butter & Bacon Cookies are handmade and all natural – made of evaporated cane juice and palm oil – The bacon is hormone free! The aroma was pleasantly peanut butter, the Krew loved them although taste was bland to my palette.

The youngest of The Krew had her debut in the ring with With Love Ivan’s Kangaroo Steak Treat in my pocket (note: no human sampling). She loved it and won her first show point! This treat is supposed to be good for sensitive tummies and dogs with allergies.

Psst! Insider Tip: For Westminster attendees, mention the secret code “BISD” and you’ll be offered buy-one get-one free cookies as well as 10% off of any stickers, crate/door tags or doggie charms! You can also have deliveries to your hotel with a $20 minimum order. Planning a dog party in the New Jersey, New York area? Email Dina to set your event up at withloveivan@yahoo.com.

The challenge: packing for multiple days, multiple shows, multiple types of dress & gear
Ful ($69.-00, $99.99 & $119.99) available from Amazon & local retailers as well

Ful Travel Gear

Psst! Insider Tip: as seen on Ellen!

The coolest luggage line I’ve ever found is by Ful bags. Strong, durable, long-lasting, expandable, made of denier polyester, there are so many plusses to this line. Well-known within the music industry, ful caters to artists with a full tour set. For Clusters, Circuits and Specialties, the Tour Manager Deluxe is my go-to with its expandable duffle bag on top of a suitcase on wheels: split-level storage with a pass-thru zipper panel. It stands, lays, and has compartments on sides, top and bottom. It’s a beefy 30in x 16in x 14in, capacity of 6720 cubic inches, 60 inches long and weighing yet only weighs 11 lbs. The retractable pull handle makes stairs easier at the hotel, especially when packed to seams! It easily contains a week’s worth of show clothes, play clothes, and toilettries. Once packed, just zip and secure with their attached large belt clips together to tighten and compress the size. With smooth corner-mount wheels to pull over and up any surface, a water resistant bottom and exterior grab handles to lug in and out of the truck.

My original ful backpack is the Tennman. It’s big selling point is its “designated fully padded laptop compartment.” Like most people on the go, I bring my laptop everywhere and want something that will be secure, stand-up to abuse and be a hold-all for shoes, (sometimes I roll up a tee shirt and jeans), personals, snacks, scarves, gloves, maybe a hat, dog biscuits.

Psst! Want something smaller & even more plane friendly? The Krew has just ordered a “miniature” version of the Tennman backpack, handy for anyone lugging tablets, laptops and other electronic gear. It features the same strong, durable, cushioned fabric and back support as its full-sized brother. The newest version now features a detachable front; pure genius for storing phones, Kindles, and tablets. I cannot wait to start using it! Features include padded laptop compartment; the handiest netted water bottle pocket – unzip and it folds down; two small, secure neoprene sleeves to slide your phone into.

These bags are well-worth the investment due to their resistance to dirt, lack of wear, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Nothing’s better than a comfy, luxurious smelling environment for the stressed out & harried traveler
Soy Delicious ($34.00)

Soy Delicious candles

We all have been there. Nothing is worse than a smelly hotel room or stuffy rig. To get rid of unpleasant odors and create the right restful frame-of-mind, The Krew always packs Soy Delicious Candles. Soy Delicious candles come in lovely scents that can mask any past odors without being overpowering.
Made of soybeans, an eco-friendly, renewable plant resource, Soy Delicious candles burn cleanly for 80+ hours. Each candle is poured by hand, richly scented, and doubles as a luxurious moisturizer. Tempting scents for everyone! If you’re partial to florals, try Jasmine, Gardenia or Lemongrass. Scents are long-lasting. Small tin sample sizes are available.

Psst! Safety Tip: some hotels have restrictions on open flames so be sure to check their policy.

Don’t be late for a very important date! Wake-up on time and to your own New York frame-of-mind playlists.
iHome ($29.99-$59.99)


Worried about that Westminster wake-up call? Get an iHome travel alarm clock-docking station, charger. Compact and easy to pack, filled with simple, easy-to-use features: sounds, brightness, snooze, alarms and even a nap button. The snooze can be set to your own liking, and the alarm features weekday and weekend timers. The iHome features with an array of alarm tones, antenna for radio, Bluetooth capability to stream music from your device and take calls on speaker phone, or internet radio capable. The 4-speaker system from Bongiovi Acoustics is crisp and features the various sound enhancements – bass, treble, balance, etc, that will drown out the pooch pining for his owner next door without distortion.

The Krew is crazy for sharp-dressed man!
Dapper Classics ($20.00+)

Dapper Classics

So much emphasis is put on what women wear at Westminster, but the Krew knows that the men want to to be noticed for their dress as well. Dapper Classics will spice up any suit or formal wear with their men’s hosiery collection. Sworn by sock afficianados, we know of several handlers that collect Dapper Classics socks. Superb design, comfortable – I wear them too! – they offer over 130 distinct styles. Produced in the U.S.A at a third generation mill in North Carolina, Dapper socks are made of mercerized cotton and fine merino wool that is wearable year-round; long, reaching just below the knee – never worry again about a gap between socks and pants.

Blister Preventative
Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm ($18.75)

sole Goddess

Ladies, your show shoes may be broken in comfortably, but you will be traipsing by day to the Piers and by night to Madison Square Garden. This week isn’t only the dog show, it’s a party-fest-a-rama! You’ll be attending all the great benefits as well: the AKC Canine Health Foundation Cocktail Party on Saturday, Barkfest at Bonhams, the AKC Humane Fund Charity Brunch on Sunday, Monday’s Take the Lead and, finally the Westminster late night celebration and after parties… With all the pounding of the the Krew wouldn’t want our gals-pals to be sidetracked by blisters, chaffing or aches and pains! We suggest Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm. This balm creates an invisible shield between your shoes and your feet–stopping blisters and calluses before they start. Dance the night away and still be ring-ready. Sole Goddess glides on, never messy, slippery, and won’t stick to your shoes.

The Krew is running a little contest for best Westminster Kennel Club play list. Submit five of your favorite songs to our facebook or email us. You can make a theme list like “pumping up” or “relax” or “winning” or something that fits the scene. Up-to-you. We’ll reward you with a super duper secret prize that we’ve previously reviewed in our columns.