GCH CH Alexanders Color Me Bad Ginn

I remember when my first child was still small that someone older and wiser gave me a very good piece of parenting advice, “Make your child entertain himself. If you keep choosing his activities, he will never find what he is really interested in.” Well, I was raised on, “An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop.” However, now that I am retired, I find that a curious mind is never idle.

While I was in Louisville, I found I was woefully ignorant of some of our new breeds. I found myself at ringside asking people in the gallery, “What is that breed?“ I took no comfort in the fact that my ignorance was shared by a large number of those at ringside. Once I got home, I decided to review the breed information on our newer breeds. While doing this, I noticed a couple of interesting items. While most breeds enter the AKC registry at the end of the line, some of our more recent additions have catapulted into the top half of the registry.

The Dogue de Bordeaux joined us in 2008, was 68th in the registry in 2010 and moved up to 66th in 2011. The dog made famous by the movie, “Turner and Hootch,” has a healthy presence in the show ring, making a big impact at the Kentuckiana Cluster this year with a closing day entry of 87. The Cane Corso was admitted in 2010 and immediately took up residence in the top third of AKC’s breeds as the 51st most popular breed. However, the breed slipped to the 67th spot last year. Nonetheless, it is still more popular than most of the Hounds and Terriers. There were 22 Cane Corso entered in the Evansville Kennel Club’s show on Saturday in Louisville this year.

The dog that surprised me was the newly admitted American English Coonhound, currently sitting in the top fifth of the registry at Number 33. Now that’s pretty amazing. The American English Coonhound is more popular than any other Hound, save the Dachshund (all three varieties). There were seven of the breed in Louisville with only one special. Now, here’s what really disturbs me. I cannot find a single American English Coonhound listed at any of the all-breed shows last weekend. Now as far as I know there was no American English Coonhound National Specialty last weekend nor an American English Coonhound field trial nor an American English Coonhound march on Washington. So where are all these American English Coonhounds?

You AEC enthusiasts need to get your breed out there so ignoramuses like me can get familiar with the breed and help spread the word about AKC’s Number Two most popular Hound. And that’s today’s Back Story.