Terrier Show

Interra BIS

Judge: Peter J. Green (USA)


1st Place 

Cairn Terrier

Hjohoo's Save Hjour Love For Me

Owned by Victor Malzoni Jr.(BR)


2nd Place

Kerry Blue Terrier

Edbrios United Colors

Owned by Larissa Fedorovna Ageeva (RUS)


3rd Place

Scottish Terrier

MCVan's Be Pop Baby

Owned by Huber and Rebecca Cross (USA)


4th Place

West Highland White Terrier

Piter Westie Zippy Star Boy

Owned by Igor Smirnov


Interra Junior BIS

Judge: Monique Van Brempt (B)


1st Place 


Lord Bull Larry

Owned by Martinez Mestre Andreu (E)


2nd Place

Sealyham Terrier

Forlegd Yuppie Moto Moto

Owned by Irina Kononenko (RUS)


3rd Place

Smooth Fox Terrier 

Belfox Larzac

Owned by C. Warmenhoven (NL)


4th Place

Kerry Blue Terrier

Nash Avgust Kenzo

Owned by Tishina I (RUS)