Group VII – Pointers & Setters



Best of Group

Judge: Hans Van Den Berg (NL)


1st Place 

Gordon Setter

Goango Black Booms

Owned by Minna Malo (SF)


2nd Place


Wilchrimane Ice Maiden

Owned by Annette Siddle (UK)


3rd Place

Short-Haired Bracco Italiano 

Sobers Atticus

Owned by Bitte Ahrens Primavera Pierluigi Primavera (I)


4th Place

Short-Haired Weimaraner 

Casa De Juno Amazin Grace

Owned by Joao and Rute Soares (P)


Best Junior Group

Judge: Miguel Angel Martinez (ARG)


1st Place 

Wire-Haired Hungarian Vizsla

Zoldmali Oliver

Owned by Kiss-Bartos Dorottya (H)


2nd Place

Weimaraner Short-Haired

The Golden Ring Carski Trakt

Owned by Kostina N. (RUS)


3rd Place

Spinone Italiano

Stannamore Genroso Fred Junior

Owned by Wijnsouw Annette (PL)


4th Place

Gordon Setter

Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein

Owned by Ludovica Salamon (I)